Many people in the world are opting for Tamil names as they are modern, meaningful and easy to pronounce. There are many names in Tamil which can help you find the perfect name for your hotel. In this article, we have collected the most popular Tamil names which you can use as your new hotel name. One of the best things about these Tamil names is that they are easy to remember and they are comfortable in pronunciation too.

Table of contents:
High-end Hotel Name Ideas in Tamil
Few Hotel Name Ideas in Tamil which will blow your mind
Trending Hotel Name Ideas in Tamil
Modern Hotel Name Ideas in Tamil
Get your business to fly with these Hotel Name Ideas in Tamil


Choosing a perfect hotel name is usually quite difficult. It’s very hard to choose a name which is comfortable in pronunciation and at the same time it should be attractive and appealing to the audience. Therefore, you must choose your hotel name wisely. 

1. Easy to pronounce

Choose a name which is easy to pronounce. Try removing all the letters that are hard to pronounce and keep the remaining letters as your hotel name. 

2. Suitable for business

The most important thing about choosing a hotel name is how suitable it is for your business and how much potential it has. 

3. Attractive and appealing

You have to consider the appearance of your hotel name too. A hotel name must be attractive and appealing to the audience. 

4. Unique

You have to choose a unique name for your hotel. While choosing a unique name check if there are already any hotels with the same or similar names in your region/country.

5. Easy to use on websites, social media etc

Choose a short, easy to read and memorable hotel name that is easy to use on websites, social media etc. 

6. Easy to spell and pronounce !!!

The last but not the least important thing is how easy it is on spelling and pronunciation of the hotel name you are planning to choose for your business / project.


High-end Hotel Name Ideas in Tamil

Here is a list of most popular Tamil Alphabet Names for your new high-end hotels

Aiyanaar Hotel Akila Hotel 
Alakananda Amutha Hotel 
Anandaar Hotel Anandha Hotel 
Anandaar Maanai Anandha Maanai Hotel 
Aranthar Kannappan NivasArasavam Hashanthai 
Arasavam Kambakkavaruvaalu Arasavam Maanai Hotel 
Ashwiniya Ashwin Hotels Aurya Hotel 
Baby Star Bagalkot Hotel
Banku Hotels Banta Hotel 
Betta Hotels Blued Edam Hotel 
Bollu Maanai Hotel Chandrashekhar Hotels & Resorts
Chandrahas Raju Hotels & Resorts Chitra Visweswaran Hotels & Resorts
Comfort Hotel Devi Venkateshwara Hotels & Resorts
Divya Hotel Dhivya Hotel 
Dharmaraja Hotels & Resorts Divya Maanai Hotel 
Eshwarinagar Radhika Viswanathan Hotels & ResortEswaran Kalyanamandapam & Family Restaurant 
Godavari Hotels & ResortsGhatshila (Hotel) & Resort 
Gnanathiram Maanai Hotel Godugu Krupa and Restaurant 
Govinda Bhavanam Gramadevi Hotels & Resorts 
Hallmark Hotel and RestaurantHappy Hotels & Resorts 

Few Hotel Name Ideas in Tamil which will blow your mind

Handwara HotelHindu Maanai-Hotel 
Hotel Abhyutthananda International Hotel Andaz Rangaliya Gold Coast 
Hotel Balaji Warrierjee  Hotel Bala Vijaveli 
Hotel Bombay Centurion   Hotel Cauvery   
Hotel Chitra Chandra & Chandra Bose Hotel Crowne Plaza  
Hotel Dhanya MaanaiHotel Dhaam Shri Ashok Hotels 
Hotel Darshanaloka Hoteldhivya Hotel  
Hotel Durga Maanai  Hotel Prabha  Hotel Efficacious 
Hotel Feroz  Hotel Ganga Maanai   
Hotel Giriraj Uppal Hotel & Resorts Chitra Chandra Hotels & Resorts
Giri Hotels & ResortsHotel Godavari Valley Homestay 
Hotel Great Eastern Hotel Gogo Hotels & Resorts   
Gokulam Shopping Centre and Hotel Harshitha Hotel & Resorts 
Himavana Resort Hotel Hotel Himaashraya  
Hotel Kannapuram PalaceHotel Lakshmi Narayanan 
Hawaiian Holiday Inn Maanai Hindustan International Hotels
Hotel Moolchand  Hotel Narayanan Palace
Hotel Santhi Hotel and Restaurant  Hotel Shivalik  
Hotel Shri Mānāi  Hoteldhivya Hotel and Resorts

Trending Hotel Name Ideas in Tamil

Hotel Suryanarayana Hotel Taranga 
Hotel The Fort  Hotel Uthara Rathnamma 
Hotel Vasavi  Kailas (Water) Hotels & Resorts 
Kamala Maanai Hotel     Kallangur Hotel & Resorts
Kashmir Srinivasan Hotels & ResortsKaushik Pramanis Hotels & Resorts 
Kolathur Shiva Hotel & Resorts  & RestaurantMahalakshmi Hotel 
Maanai Mahalakshmi Kalyana MantapamMaanai Maanai Hotel   
Mahanatha Yoga Research Center Hotels & Resorts Maharaja Online Hotels & Resorts
Mani Vel Kundram Maanai and Resort‎Manjulatha Hotel  & Restaurant  
Moray Hotel Mutham The Hotels & Resorts  
Naagai Kannappan Maanai  Nagaraj Maanai and Restaurant  
Neelambakkam Hotels & Resorts Nehru Avenue Hotel, Chennai & Restaurant  
New Delhi Hotel & RestaurantNilaveli Hotels & Resorts 
Nileshwar Hotels    On the Road to Nirvana
Parvati Hotels and Resorts  & Restaurant Pedda Shri Mahalakshmi Hotel 
Purushothamanachari Hotels and Resorts Radha International Hotels & Resorts
Radha Devai International Hotel  Raghu Hotels & Relocations 
Raghuram Maanai Hotel  Ram Rajya Ashok Hotels and Restaurants 
Rathna Maanai hotelRamaswamy Hotels & Resorts
Radha Sadguru Hotels and Restaurant Radha Viswanathan Maanai Hotel 

Modern Hotel Name Ideas in Tamil

Rathnaswamy Maanai Hotel  Rathnaswamy Kalyana Mantapam and Restaurant
Red Line Hotels & Resorts  Regency Hotel 
Residences at Marathahalli  & RestaurantRishabh Hotels and Resorts  & Restaurant  
Sahajanandam Hotels & Resorts  & Restaurant  Sahajanand Maanai Hotel   
Saravana Cafe & Dining Experience Shalimar Hotels and Resorts ‎  
Shrinivas Hotels and Resorts‎   Srinivas Global Hospitality Solutions 
Safeer Plaza Hotel  Schreiber Residence Hotels
Shree Shiva Shanti Maanai Hotel  & Restaurant  Shree Suryanarayana Maanai Hotel  & Kalyana Mantapam
Shri Lakshmi Narayanam Siddhartha Ashok Hotels & Resorts  & Restaurant 
Siva Parvathi Maanai Hotel Sivashakti Hotel 
Sri Arasavam Ashwins Sri Sarada 
Maanai Hotel Sri Srinivas Maanai Hotel  & Restaurant  
Shree Jagadish Hospitality Services Shree Ramaswamy Towers Hotels & Resorts 
Shree Radha Maanai Hotel Shiva Samrajya Hotels & Resorts  
Shiva Rajadhani Hotels & Resorts Shivananda International Restaurant 
Shree Annapoorna Shri Gunduru Hanumantha Rao & Family Maanai 
Shri Mahalakshmi Maanai  & Restaurant Shri Mahalakshmi Kalyana Mantapam and Restaurant 
Siddha Ashok Hotels & Resorts  & Restaurant Sree Jagan Mohan Maanai Hotel    
Sree Sanjeevini  Hotels and Resorts & Guest HouseSreeram Maanai Hotel ​ 
Sri Aravind BhavanTamarind Restaurant & Hotel  & Restaurant & Banquet

Get your business to fly with these Hotel Name Ideas in Tamil

Tourism Resorts of India Topas Hotel Resorts and Restaurant 
Topaz Hotels & Resorts  & Restaurant  Trichy Marriott Hotel and Convention Center
Trinity International Hotels and ResortsVinayaka Hotels and Resorts 
Venkatesh Ayurveda Vishwanath Hotels & Resorts 
Yashoda Hotels & Resorts  & Restaurant  Yashodhara Hotels and Resorts  & Restaurant
Hotel Parijaatha  Yoga Health Resort  
Yogen Ganga Tourist Hotel  & Restaurant Zaveri Bazaar Ramaswamy Hotels 
Ziyaratal Hotel & Hospitality Private LimitedZiyaad International Hospitality Services


Finding and naming your hotel business can be an overwhelming process. But, if you have a thought or two on the subject, you are already ahead of the game.

Of course, we have only given a few ideas here. You may have others that could work as well. Just remember to give your business a name that people will remember and one that is easy for them to say and spell.