Many people have difficulties figuring out what they should call their new apartments. Sometimes, all it takes to find a solution is to change up the way you approach it. Here are examples of how using some different names for apartments can help in the process!

An apartment’s name may seem like an incredibly small detail, but it has a surprisingly big impact on your sense of ownership and pride in your apartment. On the other end of things, you want an apartment that gives off a certain vibe and will attract newcomers with ease! This post discusses ways to name your new permanent home without any hassle or fees from the government.

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What to do after you have chosen the name?
Inspiring mansion names
Musical names for apartments
Adversary apartment names
Believable apartment names

What to do after you have chosen the name?

Once you’ve chosen the name, there are a few things you need to do to get your brand-new apartment approved. The first and most important part is getting a personalized certificate! These certificates are official documents that provide proof of ownership and have an added layer of security in case you ever decide to sell or move out.

Without the certificate, it may be difficult for prospective buyers in the future to stick with their original decision. This could even lead them back to living with their parents again!

There are two types of certificates: New Certificate and old certificate. An old certificate is issued originally by the mayor’s office, while a new one is issued by the department of construction and housing.

The hardest part about getting these certificates can be the application process! Some municipalities may require a minimum amount of new applicants in order to facilitate the process. If this is the case, you may want to consider narrowing your chances a little bit by going to more popular areas with more people.

Inspiring mansion names

You can also use an inspirational quote or a title to name your room. This is a low-work avenue and a great option if you have limited time to explore other choices.

Inspiring mansion

The best thing about the quote name is that it will not be permanent. If you move in with your parents for a while, you can always change it later. However, this may not be the best way to go if you intend on living with your boyfriend or girlfriend for some time.

Few suggestions for the apartment names are:

Dreaming of HomeFrench Mansion
The VillaThe Mansion
The Grand VillaThe House
The MansionVilla Deville
The MansionHome Sweet Mansion
A French ManorLa Villa
The Guest House The Palace
Dream HouseHome Sweet Home
Dream HouseHome Sweet Condo
Luxury HomesCondo Life
Crown Castle Villa Villa Palace 
Castle Villa French Castle Villa 
A KasteelThe Castillo
A Million Dollar PropertyMy Dream Mansion
A French PalaceA French Villa
Shabby HouseHome Sweet Castle
Castle HouseCastle Mansion
Crown CastleVilla Istana
Crown VillaHundred Villas
Mansion for RentFrench Castle for Rent

Musical names for apartments

Although they are often more popular in other countries, musical-themed names can also be a fun thing to consider! These names may be a bit difficult to get certified by the government, but they will definitely give a unique vibe to your new home.

Few names for the apartments are:

Singers’ House Singers’ Palace 
The Little Musical Castle The Big Musical Castle 
Castle Villa Musical Chateau for Rent
Castle Living Room Villa of Musicals 
Chateau Maisonnette Musical Mansion 
Chateau Istana Chateau Chantilly 

Adversary apartment names

Adversary is a great way to build a brand new community. Many people enjoy sharing their feelings of envy when they see a beautiful apartment, especially if they know the person who lives there. There are a few things about this kind of name that you should be aware of before jumping into it. These types of names can cause negative reactions from people. They can also get your certificate rejected by the government!

If you decide to go with an adversary name, make sure that it won’t offend any groups when you apply for your certificate! Even if it’s not offensive now, it may become so in the future.

Few positive suggestions are:

Million Dollar Condos World Class Apartments 
Luxury Condos The Best of the Best Condos 
First Class Apartments Premier Apartment Community 
Home Away from HomeThe High Life 
Better than Home Gated Community
Best of the Best Apartment Superior Properties 
Top Quality Apartments The Higher The Better 
King of the Hill The Best of the Best 
Top Adversary The Best Apartments in the City 

Believable apartment names

Believable apartment names are a bit more difficult to come up with. However, they tend to be more memorable than the other options. Here are some of the best believable apartment names.

Believable Condo Names are:

Istana of Hope 

The Heart of Hope 

Hope Village 

Hope Palace 

Brilliant Istana 

Brilliant Villa 

The Castle of Hope

As you can see, the key to getting a believable name is to make it sound like it already exists! This gets rid of the need for certifications, and people will be much more likely to go along with your decision! There are lots of examples you can use, just choose one that fits your theme and you will be living in a brand-new apartment soon!


The most important thing in choosing the name for your new apartment is to get a certificate from the government. It can be expensive, so it’s best to get it done as soon as you can!

If you’re having a hard time coming up with a name, try looking at sites like Apartment Directory.

It helps you find the perfect apartment for your family! 

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