Catchy Weed Business Names, Oh weed, is the most controversial and widely used drug today. Weed is not just a recreational substance anymore, it is also widely used as medicine because its many health benefits are undeniable. It’s no wonder that a lot of Americans nowadays demand its use since the roots of marijuana can be traced back to around 6000 BC.

In recent years, weed has been portrayed differently in movies like Aquaman and How High, but we can only imagine how widespread marijuana use would be if people were more open to calling it by another name. Some of the possible business names we came up with for weed were: “Loving Fiber”, “Go For The Green”, “Buds & Kisses,” and “The Hazy Daze.”

Catchy Weed Business Names for Drugstores

Catchy business names for a marijuana dispensary that comes up with a pleasant, sweet, and shadowy environment using colors yellow, red, and orange. Plus, it uses the word “love” in its name as a reference to love.

Newly LegalHealthDirectWeed’s neucare
Loving fiberGreen gasKushfest
High HempMarijuana.comSpud
Weed’s gasHigh gasBud medical
HighLove medicalMedical herbivore 
OmnicareMedical weedeaterCannabis doctor
Medic-CannabisDoktor HerbivoreMedicated doctor
Doctor Weed’s new care
Weeddoc.comMarijuana docMedical doc
Medic-Cannabis.comGreen DoctorBud’s-n-kisses
Medical weed foodWeedinessStony kisses
Weedfood.usWeedics.comHazy daze 
Weed kitchenMedical weedMedical weededaze 
Ganja-daze Smoke shop online Cannabis store online
Herb HavenBud BoutiqueGanja Junction
Green KitchenGreen OasisBlissful Buds
Elevated EmporiumHerb & HealthGreen Zen Pharmacy
Green Thumb DispensaryThe Herb GardenPotent Pharmacy
The GreeneryHerb CentralCannaCure Pharmacy
The WeederyThe Pot ShopChronic Care Pharmacy
Green Leaf DispensaryHerbaceous HavenThe Green Corner
Medicated MarketplaceThe Herbal HavenThe Joint Junction
The Bud StopMary Jane MedicineHerb & Happiness
Herb HarmonyThe Weed WizardGreen Valley Pharmacy
The Bud BarnHerb OasisThe Ganja Gallery
The Green ApothecaryBotanical BlissThe Grass Hut
High Life PharmacyHerbal Remedies RxThe Herb Spot
The Herb HousePuff & Pass PharmacyThe Weed Wonderland
Bud & BeyondThe Joint VentureHerbal Highs
The Pot PalaceGreen Path PharmacyBlissful Botanicals
The Herb VaultThe Bud BoutiqueGreen Gold Dispensary
Green Leaf ExpressHerb HorizonThe Pot Paradis
The Joint OasisThe Green GalleryBud Bay Pharmacy
Herbal Essence

Catchy Weed Business Names for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

For a marijuana dispensary that hails from Mexico, the name Suggestions for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries with Catchy Weed Business Names needs to be something catchy and easy to remember.

CannaMexicoGreenhouse online.netBuy online 
Butterfly coMesPot shop PC Weed online 
Leafy green  Zig Zag online.comWeediesonline  
Weed shop online.netPotheads online Budzonline 
Any time   PC   Zig Zag Zig Zag  PC Any time   
MaryJane’s time.comEasy
Weedy easy.comGreen easy weedness.netWizzy drink 
Happy DaysHappy highHigh med
High ganjaWeedpuffCannabis puff
Medical puff Zig Zag puff Budz puff 
Smoke shop Weedy puffGreen Machine
Green WorldYour Herbal ShopMedical Smoke Shop
Marijuana StorePotheads puff Weed store
MedLeaf DispensaryHerbology WellnessCannaWise Dispensary
GreenHouse MedsMedPlant PharmacyThe Healing Leaf
Medical Greens DispensaryHerbal HavenCannaCare Dispensary
Green Health SolutionsGanja GardensThe Green Rx
Evergreen ExpressBotanical Bliss DispensaryMediCanna Center
Green Therapy DepotHerbal Healing HubNature’s Meds
Green SerenityEvergreen RemediesThe Green Lab
Herbal HarmonyGreenway DispensaryBotanic Meds
The Healing TreeMediLeaf OasisCannaMasters
Green Relief PharmacyThe Herbal ApothecaryLeafy Oasis
Herb MedixMediBloom DispensaryMedicaBud Dispensary
Herba ceuticalsMedPlant OasisThe Healing Herb
Green Path WellnessCannaSource PharmacyHerb Oasis
MediGrow DispensaryThe Green ApothekeLeafy Zen
Herb DispensaryGreenRoots PharmacyNature’s Herbology
MedLeaf OasisCannaSense DispensaryHerbal Haven Dispensary
GreenSage DispensaryBotanic RemediesThe Healing Grove
MedLeaf HavenCannaSolutionsHerbal Essence Dispensary
Leafy Retreat

Catchy Weed Business Names for Hemp Company

The legalities of growing hemp on private property are still unclear, but if the landowner already has a permit to do so, then it would be great to name the company after their state. A person can also use this name for other types of businesses that deal with hemp products and accessories.

Family Drug MartCbd 
Honey Pot DispensaryCbd 
Hemp clothingHi Medical Hemp Shop Online
Natures Hemp Health Store CBD oil shop online   
Hemp oil store online The Hemp Store OnlineHemp gas online
CannatopixMedical topicsHemp-pix
Zig Zag Topix Cbd oils onlineZig Zag topix 
High Noon HarvestLoving hempHemp holiday
Hemp holiday store Hemp holiday houseHemplove store 
Love Hemp.netCbd HolidazeHemp love store 
Hemp-pc.comHemp goods Cbd Cbd Hometown Online 
Cbd Town OnlineCbd Farmhouse.comCbd mountain city
Cbd Hometown Web Store  The Hempiest TimesCBD-topix
Cannabiz NewsCannabis.newsCbd Online 
Hemp Game Online Helpful Hemp online
The Herb Shop Online The Herbo-Luxury
Green Haven Hemp EmporiumBotanica CBDNature’s Harvest Hemp
The Green OasisHemp HavenHerbaceous Haven
Blissful BotanicalsHemp HorizonsNatural Leaf Wellness
The Ganja GalleryBotanical BlissHempSentials
Elevated EssencePure Bliss CBDThe Herb Haven
Hemp HarmonyBud BoutiqueBud and Blossom
Herb HouseGreenleaf GanjaHempire High
Hempire WellnessBudding BlissHerb Nook
Hemp & HarmonyGanja GardenHemp Harvesters
Hemp HubBud BlissHerbal Haven
The Joint JunctionPure HempitudeBlissful Buds
Herbaceous HempHemp HeroBud Bay
Ganja GurusBotanic BudsThe Cannabiz
HempstersBud BrothersThe Green Apothecary
Pure PotentialsThe Hemp HouseBud Boutique
Hemp & Health

Catchy Weed Business Names For Cannabis Dispensary

Using hemp and the word “haze,” this cannabis dispensary is looking to catch the attention of its customers. It also offers seasonal flowers and edibles, so they may have requested. But what better way to advertise on social media than with a name that can be associated with cannabis?

Drug Man clubGrass Roots Pot ShopGrassterp
Cannabis ManGanja man CBD Man 
Puff Hempz ShopChewz Shop
Celebration gas  Just The Haze GasWeedman Store 
High-Puff GasWeedy gas Pipe-Haze Gas 
Smokehouse Gas Zig Zag Gas Smoke Central
High HarvestHealthy HarvestHappy Harvest
Beautiful BudsBeautiful HazeHappiness Festival
Grow Happy FestivalUnhappy Day.comHigh Season Festival
Festival of Happiness Just One Hour Turn-UpBig Time Turn-up
Happy Good Times 
Bud BoulevardHerbaceous HavenChronic Choices
Green Ganja GardenHerbal HarvestThe Cannabis Corner
Bud BazaarDank DelightsPuff Palace
High SocietyHerb NookWeed World
Herbal HighsCannabis CovePot Paradise
The Joint JunctionGanja GalleryBlissful Buds
Elevated EssenceHerb HavenGreen Leaf Dispensary
Bud BoutiqueJoint VenturesBlissful Botanics
Potent PleasuresBud and BeyondThe Green Joint
Herbal HeadquartersHigh Times DispensaryWeed Wonderland
The Dope EmporiumMary Jane’s MarketHerbal Hangout
Ganja GrottoElevated ExperienceThe Stoner’s Stop
Blissful BlazeBud HavenGreen Grass Dispensary
Potent PotionsThe Dank DepotThe Bud Barn
The Cannabis CartelHerb HorizonGreen Leaf Express
The Cannabis CitadelBlissful BudzThe Dank Domain
Ganja GazetteThe Smoke SpotHerbal Haze
BudtopiaChronic ConnectionsGreen Garden Oasis
Green Goddess DispensaryChronic CharmBud Brigade
The Dank DenPot PioneersBlissful Blaze
Herbal OasisGreen Grass ClubThe Cannabis Coop
Puff ParadiseThe Chronic CornerThe Herbal Hideaway
The Herb Hub

Catchy Weed Business Names for a Cannabis Farm

Using the word “hippy” in its name, this cannabis farm is referring to a person who has long hair, dresses freely, listens to rock and roll music, supports social justice movements, and opposes war. A cannabis farm, of course, is the perfect place to come up with a cannabis farm name. Some possible names include Weed Valley, Bud Zone, and Pop Bud.

Weed Medical weed valley Bud city
Open-Stroll Happy Days of Summer ! Cannabis vertical farmHempz Zone 
High-bud.comHappy Bong farmHappy Harvest 
Harmony Farms Supply Hempz ValleyPop Buds BudcityzoneLeaves of Green
Green GrowthSeed of GreenHigh karma zine 
Green Zone Bud City TobaccoWeeder Supply 
Dirty GoodiesEastside Smoke Harvest in the green
Hemp-O-MaticHigh hempnessHigh-karma weed 
High karma zine Green Bliss FarmsHerb Haven Cultivators
Herb Horizon FarmsGreen Leaf AcresBudtopia Cultivators
Green Dreams PlantationThe Cannabis RanchBudlandia
Nature’s Herb FarmPot Paradise PlantationBotanical Budlands
The Ganja GardenHerbal Harmony FarmElevated Meadows
Chronic FieldsGreen Leaf EstatesBud Haven Farm
Herbaceous HighlandsBlissful Buds PlantationGanja Grove Cultivators
Weedscape FarmHigh Harvest GardensBud Acres
Blissful Botanics PlantationHerb Nook PlantationThe Cannabis Cove
Weedlandia FarmBotanical Bliss GardensThe Green Oasis Ranch
Herbal Haven FarmsElevated EdenChronic Harvest Fields
Potent Pines PlantationHerbaceous Highlands FarmBud Haven Meadows
The Dank DomainGanja GladesBudland Estates
Nature’s Herb HavenEvergreen Harvest FarmsHerb Fields Paradise
The Herb EnclaveBud Bliss PlantationHempire Highlands
Botanic BudlandsGreen Acres GanjaThe Chronic Farmstead
Elevated ElysiumBotanical Bliss OasisHerbal Haven Ranch
Herbaceous HomesteadBud Haven AcresThe Dank Dominion
Blissful Buds OasisHerbal Heights FarmGreen Serenity Gardens
Budland HavenGanja Glen PlantationGreen Leaf Sanctuary
The Cannabis OasisHerb Nook GardensBlissful Botanics Ranch
Ganja Grove EstatesBudtastic PlantationThe Chronic Homestead
Budland Meadows


A business name for a weed shop, pot dispensary, or any kind of cannabis business needs to be catchy and memorable. Think about the different types of customers that go to these stores including tourists, seniors, and students. First-time customers may not come back just because they couldn’t recall the name of the shop. So it is best to put yourself in their shoes and choose something unique. The best place to look for good weed business names is in popular culture. Look at the names of your favorite TV shows, movies, celebrities, or songs. They are all great sources of inspiration.

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