If you’re thinking about starting up a business of your own, one of the first things to consider is what your company’s name will be. This is probably an idea that’s been bouncing around in your head for a while and if you’re trying to find inspiration from other businesses on the market, it can feel like crochet business names ideas are scarce.

Few of the name suggestions are:

Biggest Crochet
Stitch in TimeCrochet story
Crochet LullabyAll points yarn
Yarn shopYarn for your Life
Tasty YarnsYarn Mending
The fabric shop*Crochet it up 
Crazy for Crochets*Clover yarns
Crochet it together*Sew, Sip and Crochet
Crochet and CoStitch crazy*
Creative KnittingYarn heads
The Yarn spot* Hook and Needlecrafts*
Textile importersWork it out* 
Loving StitchesIt’s all about yarn
Stitch in the ditchCrochet Club*
Yarns of all NationsTextile exporters
Scraps of LoveThe Yarn Hut
Crochet it forwardTextile shop
The creative companyTie-dyed yarns
Crochet workhouseThe fabric store*
Crochet and doiliesTextile company
Fun with yarnSweet crochet*
Crochet and moreCotton swab yarn
The whimsy storeCrochet it in style
The yarn shopSew and crochet*
The fabric storeBeaded crochet
Crochet pattern shopHandmade yarns

There are a few companies that are putting their names to a range of products and services, so it’s not exactly obvious that there’s no need to start your own business unless you want to be the crocheter of record. One such company is Yarnorama, which was founded in 2008 by a team of crocheters but has moved into other spheres since and now sells crochet yarn.

Biggest Crochet
Upcycled YarnsKnitting Nook Pretty in yarn
Merry KnitsYarn HoundCrochet Is My Life
Fiber NotionKnotty AffairEndless Knot
Embroid MeMesmerizing YarnsYarn Shop
CrochetMarket.comCrochet & KnittingThe Crochet Corner
Crochet Boutique Craftsy Beadwork 
Crafty Crochet MakersWorking With YarnPurls And Purls
Knit and Crochet ClubThe Yarn JunkieCrochet Club
The Yarners CupboardCrochet SoireeStitching Through the Seasons
The Knitter and The CrocheterTres-Dee Crochet Club Handmade stuff
Mosaic YarnsCrochet AlleyYarn-Stash.com 
A-Luna  The Crochet ShopKnitting at the Yarn Shop
The Crocheter’s NestThe Yarn GardenCrocheters Paradise*
Tie One On!*Needlework Hut Knitting and More

When you are opening a crochet business, it is important that you freeze on a good and decent name, which can be a challenge, as you will find that most of the names given to crochet business ideas are either really unoriginal or really stale.

One Love YarnsCrocheting timepieces Crochet story 
Yarn weavingYarns for youSew hook
The Fiber storyStringsWeaving nest
Woven yarnsYarn shop and cafeThe handmade shop  
CrochetCreative Crochet StudioTimeless Treasures 
The Knitting WarehouseSocial kit-to-goThe Crafty outlet
The yarn shopCrochet for lifeThe Yarn Emporium 
Ama-a-go-goYarn MartYarn shop and café
Yarn emporiumsNanas’ StuffCrochet bliss
The yarn store and cafe   Crafty crochet studio Crochet Boutique 
Bobbie’s Bows  The Yarn Corner The Knitting Warehouse 
Purls & Purls Gratitude HooksHooked on Crochet
Yarns of all NationsTie-dyed Yarns It’s all about yarn
Crochet it forwardCrochet ClubThe Crafty Company
Grief for the yarnTextile Imports and Export CompanyThe creative company
Yarn me onlineTextile exportersThe Crochet Corner

Since you’d like to have something fresh and fun that would attract more customers and make the consumers inside your target audience have a good time while they enjoy your products, it is best if you take advantage of the meaning of your chosen name by having it associated with some catchy and descriptive words.

Biggest Crochet
The fabric storeThe Yarn EmporiumsWork it out
Whiskey and WoolIt’s all about yarnCrochet timepieces
Sit and knitLondon crochetClassic Crochet
Dyna ThreadThe creative companyTextile importers
Crochet storyFiber notionWork it out 
Yarn houndsClover yarnsYarn store and café
The creative companyTasty YarnsTextile exporters
Whimsical Yarns Co. It’s all about yarn.com The Etsy of the trades
The Gratitude HooksYarn packYarn store and café 
It’s all about yarn.com cuteclickyStitch in time
Yarn Stash.com The yarn shopCrafty crochet studio
Tasty YarnsCrocheting Timepieces It’s all about yarn 
Handmade stuff Knitting at the Yarn Shop The Crafty Company 
Yarn Market Crochet MarketCrochet love

Before you engage in choosing any crochet business names, do some brainstorming to see what word or phrase might be related to the name you’ve come up with so as to make it sound familiar while still being interesting.

Tie dye Yarns  The yarn store and café Weaving Nook 
Just Crochet StuffCrochet LoveCrochet Is My Life
Itty KnittyLove CrochetLove Weaving
Yarn MendingSilk IndustryBeaded crochet  
Stitch BerryCurly YarnsThe fabric store and café
Crafter’s yarns  Timeless treasures To Die For Yarns  
Handmade yarnsCotton swab yarns*Yarn-Stash.com
Stitch CrazyMesmerizing YarnsTextile importers 
The Gratitude HooksYarns for your LifeWool & Thread
Abra-crochet* Crochet catchCrochet patterns 
The fabric shop and caféStitch in the ditch* The Yarn Shop
Textile exporter*Yarnheads* The knit shop
Yarn Trading Co. Crochet & KnittingTie-dyed Yarns *
Knitting and More * It’s all about YarnCrochet it forward 


There’s no doubt about it: having a crochet business of your own is both fun and profitable. There are more than 1000 crochet businesses that are flourishing all over the world. The most common types of crochet business include:

These businesses also exist, but they are much less common, such as crochet boutiques, yarn stores and cafes, knitting stores and clubs, embroidery stores and clubs and weaving shops.

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