Are you struggling to come up with a new name for your gym? You’re not alone. The process of coming up with a unique and creative name is not always easy, but we’re here to help. Why is a name so important? Your gym will be better off with an easy to remember and catchy name. Having a good name will make your customers remember your business and it will also make them want to come back.

This blog post is going to provide you with some ideas of potential gym names, tell you what’s great about them, and why they might work for your company too. The next time you’re looking for a new name for your business don’t stress. Just head on over to this blog, and see the best thing about gym names ideas.

Table of contents:
Refreshing gym name ideas
Easy breezy names for your gym
Whimsical names for your gym
Fitness or good health gym company name ideas
Yoga studio names
Fitness group names of gym buddies

Refreshing gym name ideas

Consider coming up with a brand new name for your gym. The gym is already an established and well-known business, so it won’t necessarily be easy to come up with a new name. But the process is definitely worth it, because it can help you generate sales for your business and help increase customer loyalty.

Some of the names are:

Fit and FirmThe Fitness Club Body Builder’s Gym 
Cardio Center Body by Jake’s Barre Jumping Jacks’ Gym
Fitness is FunDon’t be rustyFit as a Fiddle
Shape Up Barre StudioHealthy Active KidsFlexing Fitness
Medi-Barre Muscle Training Body Stress Training Biking & Wellness Center
Midnight FitnessLift and EntertainStay Fit Stay Healthy
Burn Fat Burn FitFitness with a twistBody Blitz
Hot Spot FitnessPerfect Body GymMuscle Mania
No Pain, No GainNew Beginning FitnessGet Fit Get Healthy
Get in ShapeFitness and FunThe Best Workout
Hot Spot for Muscle and Health Perfect Body Gym
New Beginning FitnessGet in Shape Today!
Go Hard or Go Home GymNo Pain No Gain
Get Fit to Fight The Best Workout
Full Body Fitness Movement Theater 
Get Your Act Together Physique GymGet Fit to Fight 
Movement Theater Full Body Fitness 
Work Out! Work Out! Get Fit to Fight 
Take Shape For Life High Intensity Workout Club 
We Got The Power! Boot Camp 
Refreshing gym

Easy breezy names for your gym

Think of the most simple and easy to remember names. Consider coming up with names that are not too complicated or difficult to remember. Remember, a name is a must-have for any business, so you can add as many returning customers as possible by coming up with something that sticks in their minds.

Come up with a catchy name for your gym and stick it on your business cards and website. Don’t try to be hip or trendy or whatever… Your customers have been exposed to thousands of gym names out there, so just come up with simple and original names that make sense for your business.

Some of the name suggestions are:

Fit Don’t QuitUnity Gym
Get Fit, Get Healthy!Take Shape For Life 
Fit & FirmCardio Center 
New Beginning FitnessThe Best Workout
Get in Shape TodayBody Stress Training Specialists
Movement TheaterFull Body Fitness
Bicycle and Wellness CenterShape Up Barre Studio
Body BlitzFit & Firm
Fitness with a TwistMidnight Fitness
Muscle ManiaBurn Fat, Burn Fit! 

Whimsical names for your gym

If you want a name that is more whimsical and fun then you might just want to go for it. A lot of gym owners out there are very serious about their business, but a little bit of whimsy can do your business good.

A slightly funny or quirky name has the potential to really stick with your customers, so it’s definitely worth considering this option. Just make sure that the name is not offensive and it stays relevant.

Here are some the major gym name suggestions:

Heat Machine, No Pain! Heavy Metal Gym
Fight Back…Fit! Rising Muscle
Diet FactoryHigh Intensity Training
Fitness ClubMaximum Weight Loss 
Maximum Fitness Maximum Fun-damentals 
Fit-4-Life Get Fit to Fight 
Weight Watcher’s GymFat to Flat in No Time
Fit & FriendlyGet Fit, Get Back To Work!
Fitness Studio Atlantis Gym
Take a Breather!The Wonderland Room 
Happy Hour Fitness Midnight fitness 
Rock ‘N’ Roll Gym A-Breathe-Z
Fitness for the Wild and CrazyWorkout for the entire family
Pumped And ProudLive Laugh Workout
Jungle FitnessGo Go Gym

Fitness or good health gym company name ideas

Are you attempting to create a gym name for a company that represents fitness or health? You’ll be glad to know that there are plenty of names out there for you to use. A skilled and qualified writer can find any number of quality options for your business.

Fitness FactoryFleece Fitness
The Lift StationNew Age Fitness
The Fitness ClubExperience Fitness and Wellness
Flexing FitnessPowerFit Gym 
Country Club GymFit & Firm
Total Fitness GymFit Don’t Quit 
Best Body Blast Center We Got The Power!
Build-A-Forte GymThe Fitness Club 
The Power Wave Center Bodybuilders Gym
The Workout PlaceBody by Jake’s Barre Studio
Biking & Wellness Center Midnight fitness and fitness center 
Movement Theater Atlantis Gym
Strong Combination of Fitness and Fun Total Fitness Gym 
Burn Fat Burn Fit Muscle Madness 
We Got The Power!Fitness Plus 

Yoga studio names

Do you want to open a yoga studio? You should look for a name that may be associated with the world of yoga or just a calming or peaceful name. Taking that extra step to come up with a beautiful and calming name will do wonders in terms of your business.

When someone is looking for a yoga class, then they want an experience that makes them feel good and relaxed. A peaceful, calming name can make all the difference when it comes to generating sales, so make sure that you spend some time thinking about your choice.

Some of the suggestions are listed here:

New Age Fitness Dance Studio & Gym
Fitness & FellowshipFitness & Fun Club 
Flex Zone Fitness and Yoga Center Gym 
Aquafit Yoga Studio
Spa with a Twist Jumping Jacks 
Pulse FitnessNamaste Yoga Studio
Fit for LifeThe Best Workout 
The Yoga Room Power of Yoga
Fitness for the Whole FamilyLive Laugh Workout
Happy Hour Fitness Yoga Studio and Fitness
Namaste StudioPrana Yoga Studio
Yoga GirlJust Begin

Fitness group names of gym buddies

A lot of people join gym groups of friends or family to stay healthy and in shape. So, if you have a group of people that you hang out with regularly and work out with, then this could be the perfect name for your group.

As long as your group is a positive influence to each other, then this type of name will do wonders for your business.

Living FitnessTeam is Back!
The Training RoomLeisure Club Gym 
The Training GroupBike the Joint
Fitness and FunGreatest Fitness Challenge! 
Joy FitnessFit Club and Fitness Center 
The WoodshedThe Fit Factor
The Gym Buddy GroupFitness & Fun Gym 
Just Fit Together Fit and Fun People! 
Fit Friends for Life Holiday Fitness Club
Bike the Joint Endurance Power Club 


So, now you know why some of the gym names and ideas are so popular. You can go for it if you want to start a high-quality business with your own brand name. Just make sure that your ideas will resonate with your customers no matter what type of service you are offering.

At the end of this article you should be able to list down at least four quality names for your gym business.

Now, it is time to design a logo for your business. A logo is one of the most important things in business because it can help to build trust and credibility of the company where people recognize your brand instantly and have faith on what you are offering.

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