Finding a good name for your Indian Dance Group is as important as polishing your dance moves and building camaraderie. When you’re naming a group, you want the name to appropriately represent what your group is all about. However, it’s not always easy to come up with an awesome name that really represents who you are as a dancer.

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Powerful and interesting name for an Indian Dance Group
Cool and Meaningful Group name dance
Some appropriate names for a dance group 
Unique and Amazing Sounds name for your dance Group
Ideal name for dance group

In the following article, you’ll find some of the top group names out there that artistically represent your group. Select one to use as the name of your Indian Dance Group today!

Indian Dance Group.

Powerful and interesting name for an Indian Dance Group.

Dancing is a beautiful art form that showcases the soul of the individual. It helps us escape from our lives and feel as if we are connected to something greater than ourselves. In India dance is a way for people to express their feelings and thoughts, or just their creative hobbies, by performing various dances such as Bharatnatyam, Kathakali, and Mohiniattam either on the stage or in front of an audience.

Astmangla Dancers The Dynamite Dukes 
The Hi-Energy Tappers  Mudra Dancers
Ashtapadi Dancers The Speedy Cha Cha’s 
The Sensational Satinettes  The Dynamic Aces
Team Angika Team Lasya
The Pure Dynamite Couple The Hip N Swinging Sages
The Dynamic Salsa Kings Abhinaya Team
Team of Nritya The Sizzlin Sultans
The High Energy Prances The Sensational Satinettes 
The Jive Wiz Kids The art of expressions
Steps Meaning The Hush Puppy Class Couple
The Golden Hush Puppies The Jive Groove
The Hi-Energy Pulsars The Dynamic Debonies
Rapid Rhythms Sick Stunters
The Jive Cats The Boogaloo Boppers

Cool and Meaningful Group dance name

So you want to start a dance team and can’t think of a name? But you don’t want your team to be just another company name. You are probably just racking your brain trying to think of the right name. So we have compiled a list of dance team names that do not just dance team names but express the whole purpose and mission of a dance team. These names can be very useful in starting your own team identity.

The Caribbean Crusaders Dance Electrica Kathakali group
Dance Dynasty The Hilarious Five  The Jive Circle
The Golden Hush Puppies The Jive Peps  The Dynamic Diavolos
Dance Varsity The Jive Boppers The Jive Grooves
The Hush Puppy Class Couple  The Sleek Juniors The Dynamic Debonies 
Dance Form The High Energy Prances  Trippan team 
The Jive Cats  Coppertone Couple The Hilarious Juniors
The High Energy Mikes  The Speedy Sixes  The Jive Funkies 
The Dynamic Salsa Kings  The Swingin’ Salseros  Group Ojapali
Purbi group The Jive Trotters  The Dynamic Duo
Indian Dance Group.

Some appropriate names for a dance group 

Below are 40 interesting dance company names you can use for your dancing group, or for inspiration to come up with one for yourself.

The Boogaloo Boppers Garba team The Hi-Energy Pulsars The Pulsing Energy Waves
Gaarudi Dancers The Sizzlin Sultans Bounce, Ba-Bounce and Boogie The Hush Puppy Kids
The Pure Dynamite Couple The High Energy Lancers  The Amateur Crusaders  Tertali group Dancers
Women Power Group The ‘Power of the Moms The ‘Spin the Night Away’ Bumpies  Tandava group
The Jive Wiz Kids The ‘Energizing’ Jiggler Blues The ‘Fantastic’ Jiggler Troupe The Hip N Swinging Sages 
The Hip N Swinging Sages The Free & Easy Lancers The High Energy Prances The Jiving Juniors
The Free & Easy Lancers  “Jiggle and Bounce”  The Hilarious Five The Snappy Satins 
The Jiving Juniors  Dance of Teen The Pulsing Energy Waves  Bihu Dancers
Aang-ee-kah Ash-ta-padd-e The High Energy Mikes  The Dynamic Salsa Kings
The Hush Puppy Kids  The Caribbean Crusaders Ardhamandali Lavni Girls

Unique and Amazing Sounds name for your dance Group

Choosing the name for your group name dance is one of the most important things and when you double down on your title, you can really set yourself apart from the competition. On the other hand, there are many things to take into consideration when it comes to naming your dance group. You need a catchy name that will draw people in and make them want to learn more about what you offer. Sometimes, it’s a good idea to choose a meaningful name or use words that are less common than others.

Dance Masters The Fit Dancers The Fab Beats
The Greatest Pops The Jive Flyers The Ultimate Taps
Banging Machines The Wrecking Effect The Hottest Jives
The Ultimate Hip Hop The Awesome Beats The Ultimate Pop Stars
Dirty Dancers The Hot Jive The beats of the night
The Drizzle Dance Group The Jive Hangers The Jive Titans 
The Coolest Jive The Jive Maggots The Ultimate Rollers
The Hap Zone Movement Princess Dance group The World of Dance
Devil Dance Group The Ultimate Super Jive The Ultimate Cool Cats
The Hottest Shakes Prince Dance Group International Dancers
Hip Hop Superheroes The Greatest Moves in the World  the coolest moves in the world
The Jive Hectors The Fab Jivesters The Jive Trancers
Aaja Nach Le The Awesome Shakers Revived to Dance

Ideal name for dance group

The ideal name for dance group should be short, catchy and universal. It should not be too general or too specific. If you are starting a ballet company, it is not good to call it ballet company. That is why you have to think of interesting names. The best option is to give a name that can fit all the different types of dances that you perform.

  1. The Magic Bodies
  2. The Jiving Jets 
  3.  Extreme Breakdancing Crew 
  4.  The Hip Hop Commandos 
  5. Speed Ballers 
  6. Ultimate Superballers 
  7. Rocking Roller Dollz
  8. The Jive Rebels
  9.  Break It Down
  10.  The Ultimate Dance Crew
  11. The Super Jivers
  12.  Ultimate Crew
  13.  Hip Hop Superstars 
  14.  Electric Belly Dancers 
  15.  The Jive Hounds 
  16.  The Rocking Rollers
  17. Rhythm Nation 
  18.  Jive Force 
  19.  Ultimate Breakers
  20.  Hip Hop Rebels 
  21. The Rolling Stones 
  22.  Bubblegum Ballerinas 
  23.  Disco Dynamos 
  24.  The Sonic Boombooms 
  25.  ExtravaBlastoes 
  26. The Lit Swingers 
  27.  The Jiving Jets 
  28. Ultimate Dance Makers 
  29.  Super Swingers 
  30.  The Flaming Fiddles 
  31. The Electro-Magnetic Bodies 
  32.  Shake It Up Seattle 
  33. Shake It Up, Baby! (Hong Kong) 
Indian Dance


If you’re looking for a new group name, you’ve come to the right place! Creating a name for your dance group might seem like a difficult task, but with these catchy names, it’s not hard at all. Here are some great ideas for dance group names that we think you’ll love! 

You can pick any of the above lists which are most significant for your company to create an original and catchy name. We can customize names for your company. Reach us. Read more: Catchy Dance Studios Name Ideas.