Badass Warrior Name, One of the most satisfying aspects of playing a video game is to choose a badass name for your character. But, what if you’re not cool enough to come up with one on your own? True player satisfaction requires more than simply coming up with a name that sounds cool. The characters must have appeal, and they must also serve as a compelling role model that is easy for other players to identify with.

Badass Warrior Name for Video Games

Feeling a bit trepidatious about trying to come up with an awesome character name on your own? Not to worry. With our lists of cool names for video games, you can instantly find the one that is the most suitable for your warrior. From there, all you have to do is choose a pre-defined personality and backstory for your character.

AugustinianEmelina Sophia Marie-Vanessa Dolly   
RoxanneAntonia BeatriceSophia-MaeJennifer 
Julianna Michaela  Kathleen Sherrylynn Anne Teresa 
Maria Marie Matilda Janna Adrienne 
CatalinaLaura Dagmar Monique Tanya 
Virginia Adriana Delores Noelle Darcy
Ann Marie Claire Christine Nicole Jeanette 
Free JosetteColleen ValeriaTaylor 
Vicky Kim Shirah Susan Flavia 
Diana Jane AndreaSofiaVeronica 
VenomheartWarhornSoul reaverIronjawBlackthorn
HellfireRavenclawViper strikeDarkslayerIronclad

Badass Warrior Name for School Nickname

A school nickname is a name that one uses while in school. These names are often derived from one’s own name, or they could be a combination of two or three someone’s names. When you’re in school, you often get nicknames that become part of your identity. So why not use some of them on your warrior character? For example:

HerbertMr. Jefferson DaredevilThunderPrincipal Brown 
Bobby  Coach Jackson ReaperStormPrincipal Tate 
Mr. Chandler Mr. Wilson ViperRavagerProfessor Smith  
Mrs. Johnson Mrs. Broughton ShadowbladeStormriderMrs. Browning 
Mrs. WintersDrop Out JonesVenom strikeAvalancheCoach Spencer 
Mrs. Grant Scoutmaster Greene  ThunderstrikePhoenix fireAnnie Claire 
Mr. Robinson  RandyReaperSteel stormShirley Foster
Kathryn Wilson  Penny Harding  IronfistSkullcrusherLucy Henderson  
Donna Garrett Beth Henderson  HellfireWolfheartMs. Belmont  
Angela Middleton  Iona JohnsonWarbringerRavagerDr. Baldwin  
Ms. Carter Mrs. Matson  ThunderclawFrostbiteMrs. Schwinn  
Ms. Kennedy  Coach Reynolds  SerpentstrikeNightfallMrs. Beringer 
Mrs. Whittaker Ms. Bagley   PhoenixclawSentinelMs. Yee  
Ms. Tolman Ms. Kazuto   NightshadeViperMs. Kamiyama 
Mr. GannonCoach ThompsonBlazefuryStormbreakerMr.. Madison
Ms… Knight  Ms. Riley DaredevilShadowcasterMr, Hsu
Coach Davis Mrs… Jefferson VengeanceThunderboltDr… Adams Principal 
SkullsplitterShadows layerAshenbladeWarhawkReaperblade
VenomfangChaos bringerSteelthornCrimsonstormDragonrider
BladewalkerStormhammerWildfireIronsoulDeath rider
FlameheartReaperbladeWarhammerShadowfangViper strike
StormbringerThunder clashSteelthornShadowstrikeNightwing
BlazefistValkyrieRavencloakCrimsonedgePhoenix fire
IronsidesFrostbiteWarpathSwift strikeDeathwhisper

Badass Warrior Name for couples

Most couples choose nicknames to fill in the gap between the names they usually use. It’s a sign of affection! And, if you’re going to be naming your character after your significant other, it would be a great idea to use a couple’s name. In the gaming world, it’s not just your character that needs to be interesting. The name of your character also plays a big role in making the game more appealing and appealing. Here are some daring names that are perfect for this type of role:

Rory-Michael Sable and Obsidian
Steelheart and IronsoulStormbringer and TempestTyler – James
Kyle – Preston   Fury and StormRaven and ShadowReaper and NightshadeLucas – Raven  
Abigail- Louise  Wildfire and EmberNightshade and ShadowbladeFlamestrike and InfernoKylie – Megan
Chelsea – Debbra    Frostbite and Ice QueenWarhammer and BattleaxeTitan and ValkyrieRachel – Sara 
Melissa – Jennifer  Bladewielder and ShieldmaidenValkyrie and WarlordPhoenix and DragonElizabeth – Makenna  
Katie-Ashley     Savage and VixenShadowhunter and Nightstalker
Deathstrike and DoombringerRiley-Kel 
Kristina-Margaret  Seraphina and RavagerStormbringer and ThunderstrikeSerpent and ViperDavis-Reynolds 
Shann – Amanda  Warlock and EnchantressFrostfire and BlizzardThunder and LightningLauren-Marissa   
odoxia-Naomi  Shieldmaiden
Stormrider and
Ember and AshenfangNightshade and MoonshadowJulia-Ashley   
Victoria-Emma  Tempest and CycloneIronfist and SteelheartShadowscar and DarkthornDanielle – Alexandra 
Bryan – Elliott    Viperstrike and VenomfangDeathwhisper and SoulreaperShadows Layer and NightstalkerDana – Nicolas   
Michael – KevinPhoenix Fire and InfernoGrimshadow and BloodfangEclipse and ObsidianJefferson-Stevens    
Whitney-Rae  Fury and ChaosWarcry and BattlecryThornbreaker and ThunderclawJosephine-Mia 
Paul-Edward    Frostbite and WinterbladeShadowbane and NightshadeOnyx and ObsidianAdam – Alexander 
Brian – Christopher  Blaze Heart and IroncladNightfall and RavenbladeValkyria and ShadowbaneRuperts – Howard  
Oscar – David    Nightwatcher and ShadowdancerThunderstrike and LightningstrikeDragonheart and WyvernHaley – Sandra  
Nightfall and RavenbladeBlaze Heart and IroncladValkyria and ShadowbaneSkullcrusher and DeathbringerWildfire and Flamekeeper
Shadowscar and DarkthornFrostfire and BlizzardEmber and AshenfangSeraphina and RavagerStormbringer and Thunderstrike
Eclipse and ObsidianViperstrike and VenomfangTempest and CycloneDeathwhisper and SoulreaperWarlock and Enchantress
Shadows Layer and NightstalkerShadows layer and NightstalkerThornbreaker and ShieldmaidenPhoenix Fire and InfernoGrimshadow and Bloodfang
Nightshade and MoonshadowNightwatcher and ShadowdancerOnyx and ObsidianWarcry and BattlecryFury and Chaos
Darkhammer and ThunderfistBloodaxe and ShadowbladeBlade breaker and SkullcrusherDragonheart and WyvernStormrider and Thunderclaw
Hellfire and BrimstoneWyvernheart and DragonbornStormcaller and ThunderboltNightwing and ShadowclawFrostfang and Icicle
Thunderstorm and LightningstrikeInferno and PyroclasmVenomheart and SerpentfangVengeful and RevenantDeathdealer and Soulbinder
Bloodmoon and RavenclawNightreaper and GrimdarkBlade Breaker and SkullcrusherIronsides and SteelgripShadow Shifter and Nightcrawler

Badass Warrior Name for a Dark Romance

If you’re in the mood for a darker storyline and love a character that has the potential to go bad, here are some names to consider. If your warrior is going to be in a role-playing game where you play as the villain, there are some dark, sexy names that you can choose. These characters are often very mysterious and dark until their true natures are revealed to the non-player character.

We have found several names you can use. However, some of these are not entirely appropriate for little kids.

The Irish chairThe Latin ChesterThe French MichealThe English MarlonThe French Auguste
The English AdamThe German FriedrichThe Latin XavierThe German LoganThe Latin Phillip
The Spanish JamesThe English PhoenixThe Italian William The American Anthony The Welsh Rhys 
The Italian Angelo The African Tyronne             The Spanish Sebastian RavenheartDeathstrike
DarkthornSoul reaverObsidian FuryCrimsonbladeMidnight Viper
Black WidowShadowbaneStormbringerBloodfireNightshade
Sinister ShadowHellfireNecrothornVengeful SerpentDarkmoon
VenomheartGrimshadowEclipseNightfallWhispering Death
Midnight ShadowBloodmoonWrathbringerNightfireBloodthorn
DarkflameShadowfireCrimson ShadowAshenheartStormblade
ShadowveilViperessDeathbringerPhantomstrikeObsidian Heart
StormcloakShadowfangMidnight FangGrimshadeNightbreaker
Twilight BladeSerpentbiteDarkthistleNightstalkerDoomheart
VoidswornTwilight BladeBlackthornAshenveilShadowhunter
BloodfireDeathshadeMidnight StormDark whisperVenomheart
EmberfangNightcrawlerShadowstrikeObsidian ThornCrimson Soul


Are you still thinking about your character name, Badass Warrior Name? Well, you have some options, and there are some cool names that you can use. We have provided a list of character names for gamers who want to make their characters stand out. This article has a number of different names for your character in different worlds. If you want to make your character unique and powerful, then you can add these names to your list for finalizing the personality and history of your badass fighter.

Try out some of these names and see which ones are perfect for you.

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