So you’ve decided to start your own farm, but are stuck on what to call it? The exciting news is that the name of your farm doesn’t need to be complicated. It’s just a matter of thinking outside the box. Keep in mind these tips when naming your farm:

1. Don’t repeat any existing words or names.

2. Be creative with words related to nature and land.

3. Use descriptive words like “good” or “happy”. You’ll want visitors to feel as if they’re stepping into an idyllic paradise every time they enter your field.

4. Get inspiration online. The internet is full of great names for farms, restaurants, businesses and more. Browse sites like Instagram and Etsy to see what names are popular in the world of artisans.

5. Ask your friends and family for suggestions!

6. Use a combination of these words to create an interesting name that is unique to you as a farmer or gardener!

Table of contents:
Authentic Ideas for Farm Names
Ideas for Goat Farm Names
Ideas for Chicken Farm Names
Ideas for Cow Farm Names
Ideas for Deer farm names
Ideas for Sheep farm names
Ideas for Turkey farm names

Authentic Ideas for Farm Names

When it came time to name my farm, I knew it needed something original and that I wasn’t going to use any of the names that were already associated with our hobby. It was an exciting challenge to meet, but in the end – our farm has been named “Vineyard.”

Bloom CountryWind FarmFarm GreenBig Sky Farms Spring 
Cave CountryFrosts FarmMeadows Farm Leafery Spring Farm
Life FarmGreen Acres Green Woods FarmHoney Reserve
Athens FarmMeadow Dairy Heritage Whisper Mountain Farms & GardensNectar Mountain Farm 
Breezy MeadowsMeadowBrook FarmsGrass Farmer Avenue Farms   
  1. Sweet Peas Roses & Berries  
  2. Spring Meadow Farms
  3. Whispering Green Farm
  4. Sweet Dreams Farm
  5. Starlight Spring Haven
  6. Moonlight Meadows
  7. Vineyard Farms & Gardens
  8. Cloudy Mountain Farm 
  9. Golden Meadow Farms 

Ideas for Goat Farm Names

I had a hard time coming up with a name for my first herd of dairy goats. When I eventually did come up with a cool farm name, it felt like a victory. Here are some words you can use as inspiration for your own dairy goat names:

Grow FarmHappy GoatsFantasy FarmSunset Meadows
GoatexBreezy Goat Farm Goaty Dreams Farm White Birch Farm
Palate GoatGoatly Hills Farm Meadow Goat DairySunny Day Farms 
  1. Cottonwood Goat Farm 
  2. Winterberry Goat Dairy 
  3. Cucumber Valley Farms & Goats  
  4. Goat Patch Ranch   
  5. Sweet Dreams Dairy   
  6. One More Goat Farm  

Ideas for Chicken Farm Names

It’s hard to beat the fun and puns associated with chicken farming, but we still had a lot of work to do to create farm names that didn’t sound cliched or corny.

Other than our name, “Cluck Clucks & More”, we also came up with these other inspired names:

Cackling Goose FarmHappy Hen FarmsHen House DairyChickaysia Farms
Cluck Norris Crowing Hens Farm Dairy Chicken Farms Happiness Farms 
Rock Hen Farms Chicken Hill FarmFertile Egg Farms  Cordon Bleu   
  1. Chicken Paradise Farm  
  2. Happy Egg Ranch 
  3. Petal Chicken Farm 
  4. Poultry Peachy Keen Farms   
  5. Happy Hen Family Farms 
  6. Fertile Egg Family Farms   
  7. Chick-a-dee-chick Farms   

Ideas for Cow Farm Names

It’s hard to beat the puns and play on words associated with cow farming. Here are some word play puns you can use as inspiration for your own cow names:

Cowly MeadowsCow FarmGosling Haven Farms Ranch for Cows 
Wolf Creek FarmsDried Milk Barnyards Milky Way Cow FarmDairy Bliss Ranch 
Happy Cow Farm Milk & Silk Dairy Potpourri Farms Back to the Past Farms 
Brown Cow Farm Domestic Goddess Moondance MilkCow Willy’s Cow Heaven
Heifer Hill Farm Heifer High Farms Moondance Cheese Cow-Cosia Dairy Farm
  1. Cows With Attitude Farm   
  2. Cows R’ Us Farms & Petting Zoo    
  3. Twinkly Hill  Farms & Petting Zoo     
  4. Plump & Juicy Dairy Farm       
  5. Blissful Meadows Cow Farm       
  6. Signature Freedom Dairy Coop

Ideas for Deer farm names

The Name of the Deer Farm are:

Bambi Nuggets   Sweet Doe Dairy Glowing Deer Dairy Spring Doe Dairy 
Floral Milk Inc.  Deer Dynasty FarmsBright Horn Dairy White Horn Farm
  1. Percival Doe Farms           
  2. Happy Doe Dairy           
  3. Dairy Herder Farms    
  4. The Aardvark Farm 

Ideas for Sheep farm names

It’s hard to beat the puns and play on words associated with sheep farming. Here are some word play puns you can use as inspiration for your own sheep names:

Ewe Know FarmDairy Sheep AcresSheep Meadow Llama Llamas
Mountain Ewe Farms Sheep Station Ranch Sheep & Dew  Farms  Sweet Ewe Farm
Baa-Naa-Naa Dairy Solar Sheep DairyEwe’s Dream  Farms Bright Eyes Farms 
Sheepland Farms  Turnip Eye FarmSheepsways Farm Pinot Sheep Farm 
  1. Sheep Breeders Heaven   
  2. Happy Lamb Dairy Farm       
  3. Sheep Station Ranch and Nursery  
  4. Sheep and Blackberries Farm 
  5. Sheep and Dragonfly Farms 
  6. Happy Sheep and Creamery Farm
  7. Crooked Fork Ranch & Shearing Facility

Ideas for Turkey farm names: 

  1. Turkey Hill Ranches 
  2. Turkey Family Farms 
  3. Happy Thanksgiving Farms 
  4. Turkeyville Farms 
  5. Happy Toms 
  6. Turkey Ranch 
  7. Hand Picked Turkeys T
  8. oms & Friends Farm 
  9. Fresh & Frozen Turkeys Inc. 
  10. Spring Creek 
  11. Ranch & Turkeys 
  12. Wild Bird Feed Company 
  13. Good Canoe Farms 
  14. Honest Feeds Company 
  15. Creative Feeds Co.


Hopefully these ideas have given you some inspiration for your farm name. Remember, farm names are the first thing people see when they visit your farm. Be sure to spend time and effort on creating something awesome!

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