Art is a vital part of any society and even the most boring day can be brightened with an enjoyable walk through a museum. It’s important to have artsy suggestions for art group names so you’ll always have something new to say about your own free time.

Fortunately for you, this blog post has just what you need! From paintings, sculptures, and musical notes to famous artists like Monet, Rodin and Van Gogh, this list offers plenty of inspiration.

Table of contents:
Creative Suggestions for Art Group Names
Bold Art Group Names
Colorful Art Group Names
All in one Art Group website names

Creative Suggestions for Art Group Names

No group of friends is complete without a bit of artistic talent, and these names for art groups are sure to get your creative juices flowing. No matter what form your artsy group takes, these names offer plenty of inspiration for an artsy night out on the town or a relaxing day at the museum.

The Art FactoryPaint Your LifeLets Doodle
All About ArtGreat SculptorsMediocre Masters
Vibrant Note-NersArtistic Friends ForeverOn the Rocks
At the Crossroads of ArtRelevant PaintingMystery Painting
Decorative PaintersPainting InspirationPainter’s Friends Forever
Artistic Friendships ForeverTranscendent PaintingAbstract Artists Group
Great Sculptors GroupAnnual Art ShowThe Artist’s Studio
Artistic Friends ForeverArt Is FunGreat Sculptors Group
Art Is Fun Group Painting Like ArtistsArtful Friends Forever
Graphic Artist  Mystery Painting GroupArtists with Heart
Art PodArtful Friends ForeverPainting with Heart 
Artistic Friends ForeverPaint Your Life Group  Creative Art Group
  • Transcendental Painting Group
  • Artistic Friendships Forever
  • Painting Inspiration Group  
  • Artistic Friends Forever
  • Mediocre Masters Group 
  • Typical Painters Group  
  • Painter’s Extraordinary Group
Creative Suggestions for Art

Bold Art Group Names

If you’re looking to impress your friends with an artsy suggestion for art group names , then look no further! These bold and daring suggestions are sure to get people talking. From bold paintings to sculptures, there’s something here just right for you and your creative crew!

The Art BoxArtistic Friends ForeverMystery Painting Group
The Art kartColorful GroupThe Artsy Crowd
Colors of a MasterpieceVan Gogh’s FriendsArtistic Crowd Group  
Art Inspiring Art Art AffairArtistic Friends Forever 
The Colors Meet Up The Art PodA Colorful Group of Artists
Urban ArtColorful Friends ForeverLast Minute Exhibition 
Color Me Bold Colors of a Masterpiece Last Minute Exhibition Group
Color Me Inspired Artistic GroupArtistic Goodies
Colorful Friendship GroupColor Me Inspired GroupMuse
Colorful Friends Forever Color Me Bold Group  Gallery One
The Artistic CrowdPainting Inspiration GroupColors of a Masterpiece
Artistic Crowd GroupVan Gogh’s FriendsMonet’s Garden Painting
Lilies Painting Ideas Van Gogh’s Starry Picasso’ The Blue Room
Renoir’s Riverbend PaintingNight paintingGalleria
Creative Suggestions for Art

Colorful Art Group Names

Sometimes it’s the smallest things in life that can brighten someone’s mood. With these colorful suggestions for your artsy group names , you’re sure to leave a lasting impression!

Painting ProsFine PaintingTiffany’s Friends Group
State-of-the-ArtThe Art YouPaint Your Minds
Colorful Friendship GroupPaint Your Life GroupArt no. 1
Artistic Connoisseurs Art VistaHappy Art
Color Me Inspired GroupPaint Your Minds GroupColorful Friends Forever
The Artistic Crowd GroupArtful Friends ForeverThe Yellow of a Masterpiece
Crayon WorldPainting Inspiration Group Color-ful Friends Forever 
Artistic Affair Group Artistic Crowd–Let’s Paint!Paint Your Life Group 
The Artistic Crowd Group   Pencils of DoomPretty As A Picture
Mixed-Media MasterpiecesPaint Your Life GroupArtistic Connoisseurs Group
Colorful Friends Forever GroupColorful Hearts Painting Club Artsy Expressions
Paint Your Minds Group Colorful Hearts Painting Club  Lily Pads Painting Club
Artist’s Temple Artcrafty Friends   Painting for the Ages

All in one Art Group website names

As of now, only our site names are “unique” 🙂

We are also thinking about developing a web-font that can be used on sites as well

The Art Studio (TSAT)  – A studio for drawing, painting, and other art related activities.

The Artsy Pod (TAP) – An artsy café in which you can express yourself freely.

Artistic Delights (CID) – Where the artsy crowd meets.

Colorful Delights (CDL) – A place where everyone gets in touch with their inner artistic persona.    

Artistic Studios (ATS) – Where you can create masterpieces for your loved ones to remember you by.

The Artsy Nest (TAN) – A place to showcase your artworks.

The Artistic Nest (TAN) – A place for you and your friends to hang out.

Artist’s Temple of Artcrafty Friends (ATOAF) – A place where you can practice art in the presence of other artists.

Artistic Cafe (AC) –  A cafe where you can enjoy a wide variety of artistic food and drinks.

Artful Delights (ADL) –  A cafe that caters to all art enthusiasts.

Artistry Central (AC) – A place where you can showcase your artistic skills.

Artsy Expressions (AE) –  A place to express your artistic self.


Art is a universal language that can be appreciated by one and all. Your sense of expression through art can make all the difference in someone’s life. These ideas for artsy group names will give your friends something to talk about without a doubt!

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