Many teams have names, and many of them come with added meaning. The name alone may be enough to get you excited because it can say a lot about the team itself. For some people they find the team name easy to like and want to support so they pick up a t-shirt or even join the fan club!

However, there are some team names that just don’t seem as appealing. Here’s what a few of these not-so-amazing names mean:

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Funny team names with blue 
Team names with blue colors
Sports Team names with blue
School Team names with blue
Gamers Team names with blue

Funny team names with blue 

There are some team names that don’t seem to make any sense, no matter how you look at them. One of these names is ‘the Blue Jays.’ Why would a team name be blue and what does it have to do with Toronto?

Blue had been their original royal color before they switched to red. Today, the Blue Jays logo is still a blue jay bird with three white stars on a red maple leaf as its crest. There’s also the term “blue jays,” which mean something that’s terrible or not very good.


Few of the name suggestions are:

Big deep blueThe blueshirtsBlue bellies
Big bluesThe blueskinnersBluebells
The blues bullsThe blueshakey banesBluebelly
Blue KingBaronsBluebirds
Sharking bluesBlueskiesBlue Brains
The BlueskinsBlueshirts The blueskins whales
BullsBluebottlesThe bluecheesers 
Buccaneers Big blue Bluefish(es) 
Blue ghosts ​GullsThe bluesguns Big bluedogs
Bluesharks Bluecoats TermitesBlueskinners 
Banshees Bears Big blue devils Blue devils 
The blue ducksThe blue dogs  Bluesharks 
MinersBig blues Big blue bellies
Blue devils The blueskins Blue devils 
Blue bellesBlueshounds Termites Bluebottles Bulldogs 
Bulls Big deep blue angels Blue skies Blue catch
Angels Bluebells  Sharks Brains Blueskies Ghosts 
Termites BlueshawksThe blueskins Panthers Blue Ghosts

Team names with blue colors

Most of the names below have blue in them, which might explain why they’re not so popular:

Bulls Bluebells  Blueskies Tigers Big blues Sharks 
Ghosts BluebellyTermites Big blue angels Blue devils Miners 
Termites Bluesharks Giants Miners Shades Bluebells
Big deep blue bulls Brains Sharks Miners Blue devils 
Bludger Miners Blue devilsBlue devils Giants 
Thornback Sharks The blueskinsBluesharks Pirates 
Blue devils Blueshawks Big bluesharks Ghosts Bluebelly
Bluesharks GibraltariansBlueskies GullsBlue devils 
Sharks Pirates Demons BlueshirtsGreensheet Bulls 
Blue belles Gulls The Blue wolvesBlue devils Giants 
Big blues Sharks ​Gulls The Blue vendorThe blueskins Bluesharks  
Blue Devils Sharks Sharks Blue DevilsBig deep blue devils Tigers 
Bulldogs Gulls Termites  Big blue devils ​Big bluedogs Tigers 
The blueskins SharksThe Blue dogsThe Blue bugs
The BlueskinsThe Bluesharks Demons Bluebelly
Pirates of BlueBlue bosomBlue belles
The Blue bellesBlue devilsBig blues 
Bluesharks Big blues Sharks Big blues Sharks 
The bluebellsGhosts Bluebelly Ghosts Blues
Blue devils Miners Bluebells Gulls Blue Himalayas

Sports Team names with blue

The following names are sports team names. They didn’t make the list of top 10 worst team names because they are actually pretty good, not bad. The original soccer team, Miami Fusion, was changed to the Beckhams.

Sports Team
Big Blue Blues The Blue Devilters
BlueskinsBlue Devils
Blue BoysBlue Mondays
Blue StarsThe Blue Jays
Fighting BluesBlue Storm
Blue belles Sharks Greensheets Bulls
Big blue bulls Mosquitoes ​Blue devils Miners 
Big blues SharksBlue devils Giants 
Big blues Sharks  Bluesharks Giants Outlaws
Bluesharks Giants Furies  The Blue Devils Gators 
Blue devils Patriots Clowns Blue Devils
Giants Hornets Blue jays Giants 
Bluesharks KnightsBlue evils
Blue Devils BaronsSharks Bluesharks 
Gibraltarians OutlawsTigers Bluesharks 
Big blues Rams Sharks Big blues Sharks 
Jokers Bluesharks Blue Devils Sharks 
Blue evils SharksBluesharks Panthers 
Blue devils Sharks Big blues Thornbacks ​Sharks Gulls 
Sharks Bluesharks Blue devils Miners   
Big blue bulldogs Bulls Bluesharks Panthers 
Clueless Giants Devils Blue Jaguars​
Tigers Bluesharts Blue Ants

School Team names with blue

Other team names that didn’t make the list of most popular team names were school teams. They seem to be divided into two groups. Some are named after animals, like bears and gorillas, then there are the color based school teams.

Panthers Big Blues Gators Blue Devils 
Red Devils Blue Devils 
Big blues Sharks Bluesharks Bulldogs
Blue devils Lions TigersBig blues Demons Tigers
Bluesharks LionsBig blues Gators 
Blue devils Bulldogs The blue devils Dolphins 
Bluesharks Dolphins Tigers Blue Devils Bulldogs 
The Lions Blue BullsBlue Devils Panthers
Blue Devils Sharks TigersBig blue bulls Cats 
Blue Devils Packers Big blues Sharks Tigers 
Big blues Bulldogs Jaguars Sharks Bluesharks Bulldogs 
Big blues Rats Blue Devils Bullfrogs 
Cats Dragons Big Blues Red Devils Lions Tigers
Bluesharks Lions TigersOkies Panthers 
Pirates of the bluestar Blue certified
Bears Big blue devils SharksBluesharks Lions Tigers 
Blue Devils BullsBig blues Dolphins
Bulldogs Bluesharks Blue devils Tigers 
Blue devils Rams Blue devils Jaguars
The blue devilsBig blues Gorillas 
The blue coachersBlue parades

Gamers Team names with blue

The team names below are from the world of video gaming, which is different from any other sport. They didn’t make the list of top 10 worst team names because they are actually pretty good, not bad:

Gamers Team
Big Blues Sharks Sharks Bluesharks
Big Blues Dragons  Blue Hawks Blue Devils 
Blue Devils Big Blues Sharks Bluesharks Sharks
Blue DemonsBlue Birds 
Blue FrogsTeam blue
Blue Devils Melbourne Rebels Blueskates
Big blues Gators Giants Big blues Giants 
Dragonflies ​Gulls   Blue devils Eagles 
Blue Devils Demons Big blues Sharks 
Big blues Sharks Sharking blues
Giants Koalas — Blue BearsBlue Devils Lions Tigers 
The Blue Devils GatorsGrizzlies Bluesharks Tiger
Blue devils Giants TigersBig blue devil Dolphins 
Tigers St.Giants Tigers 
The blueskins BluesharksBlue Devils Dolphins Tigers 
Big blues Dolphins Big blues Badgers 
Grizzlies Bluesharks Tiger Clowns Big Blue Bears Cubs 


These are all the most popular team names from the United States of America. There are many more team names than these, but I will never be able to write about all of them. Most of these team names stick out in their own way because they’re either really, really silly or just plain stupid sounding. It’s difficult to choose which is worse and which is best because we can’t base it on logic. They are all good examples of bad or terrible football team names that could be worked on to improve them.

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