It’s never been easier to find an exciting, thrilling, and fun female gamertag on the Xbox Live online multiplayer gaming network. Today, in order to receive a female gamertag name they must be adventurous or interesting. Whether it’s your last name that makes you stand out from the rest or if you have an imaginative name for something unique, there are plenty of unique and exciting Gamertag names available for females.

Kickass Female Gamertag Names

If you want a kick-ass name you should use the name of an action or science fiction character or something from the latest blockbuster movie. If you’re an aficionado of thrillers, horror, and action movies, then these female gamertag names will grant you access to the latest and greatest titles. The name must also be female oriented so there’s no confusion about who is online.

AplentyGirl GenMaverickBellaGirl
Girl SinTagsexVietnam GirlFoxy Girl
Precious GirlAbandonBatteredCherish
Full-Length GirlTwilight GirlBroken Girl Angelic Girl 
Seductress GirlNaive GirlNature’s Child Girl CourageousGirl 
FearlessGirl GirlquipoGlory Girl Pleasure Girl 
GameyaAstroFlirtian Girl Orient Girl 
Queen of SmilesA Piece of Me  Angelina Girl Beauty Girl
Charming Girl ElegantGirl Fierce Girl Lolita Girl 
CelebratingGirl FanaticGirl GenuineGirl Love Girl
MusicianGirl PlayfulGirlShyness Girl  Paradise Island
MystiqueGirlSeoulite GirlForbidden LoveAfterDark
Dark AngelCherry PoppinsDangerous Desire Dangerously 
Hot– Sexy and Sinful Jack of Hearts Wicked Kisses Black Widow 
I’m DangerousPoison ApplePretty in Pink Dinner is Served! 
Tormenting KissesKinky Let the Games Begin!Look into my eyes! 
HeraGaiaBlack WidowPoison Ivy
Harley QuinnElektraCatwomanMystique
StormRogueJubileeScarlet Witch
Wonder WomanBatgirlBlack CanaryJean Grey
Ms. MarvelKillmongerTigraJessica Jones
She-HulkCaptain MarvelGamoraNebula
FirestarSilver SableIronheartMisty Knight.
MoonstoneShadowcatSpider-GwenSquirrel Girl
Misty KnightLady DeathstrikeTyphoid MaryValkyrie
NakiaShuriLady DeadpoolDagger
Agent 13JubileeWhite TigerMockingbird
DaggerOkoyeBlack CatWasp
Kickass Female Gamer

Sturdy Female Gamertag Names

These names are perfect for those who enjoy engaging in the latest female sports. Names such as Touchdown, Soccer, and Goalie will give you the advantage you need for your Xbox Live experience. If you enjoy soccer, lacrosse, and athletics and want to share them with your online friends, then these names are just right for you.

TinyPachinkoIron Maiden
GameadilGlitterGirl Battle Babe
Fad GameMystickalGirl Shield Maiden
SesameSweetheart Girl Phoenix Warrior
Bouncy Girl Dizzy Girl  Warlockess
PassionateGameGirlCall of DutyValkyrie
Lady LuckGirl  Good GameThe Enforcer
BlackbeltLady LoveThe Guardian
Lolipop  Dueling GirlQueen of the Damned
DreamCastingGirl Sparkly Girl Hellraiser
DestinyGirl Fly Girl  Lady Deathstrike
LoveGameGirl  Shooting StarShe-Devil
Perfect GameGrenade Girl Femme Fatale
ThunderboltLady ThunderShe-Wolf
Amazon WarriorThe HuntressThe Avenger
The PunisherHellfireLady Vengeance
Demon HunterBlade MaidenGhost Rider
Angel of DeathLady ReaperBlack Knight
Dark AngelShadow QueenIce Queen
Mystic MaidenDragon SlayerDark Knight
Blood KnightCrimson ViperNight Stalker
DoombringerShadow HunterDark Phoenix
The TempestuousTornadoThe Whirlwind
Hurricane HunterThe MonsoonEarthquake
The RattlerThe RockIronclad
The CrusherThe BoulderHammerhead
The AnvilSteel LadyIron Heart
The CrusaderThe SpartanThe Gladiatrix
The ConquerorThe War QueenThe Shieldmaiden
The ValkyrieThe GladiatorThe Warrior Princess

Sweet Female Gamertag Names

These are popular female gamertag names that are suitable for those who like sweets. Girls with names such as Candy, Lollipop, Candy Corn, and Sweet Bites would be perfect if you enjoy the sweet pleasure of eating them. If you’d rather call out to the world than join in on the action, then these names might be perfect for you.

Sweet Female Gamer
Somewhat DamagedTalent LivePretty Doll
Pink XboxSparkleSweet Cheeks
Bubble Butt  Candy ManGirl 
Candy Cane MunchkinBeach Babe
BeautifulVoiceGirlLollipop GirlEarthen Beads Girl 
Candy GirlStellarChocolate Chip CookieGirl
CarnivalGirl​​​’s ConciergeFloweryGirl MinxGirl​​​’s Concierge
Elegant GirlDancing Queen GirlSugar CookieGirl
Sugar RushBubblegum BabeSweet Treats
Sugar CoatedSweetie PieCandy Cane
Sweet SymphonyHoney BeeCupcake Cutie
Lollipop LoveStrawberry ShortcakeSugarplum
SweetheartSweet SirenCandy Crush
CandyliciousSweet BlissSugarcube
Sweet SensationSweet As SugarSugar High
Sweet TemptationCupcake QueenCandyfloss
Sweetheart BabySugar MamaSweet Dreams
Sweetie BelleCotton CandyBubblegum Princess
Sweet SummerSweetie DarlingHoney Dipper
Candy KissesSugar Plum FairySweetie Pie Doll
Sweet CherryBubblegum BlissSweet Darling
Honey BunSugar N SpiceSweet Angel
Cupcake CutiepieSugar CookieSweet Pea
Bubblegum BeautyCandy CuddleSweet Serenade
Sugar BelleSweetness OverloadCupcake Heaven
Honey LoveCandy CharmSweet Little One
Bubblegum BabeSweetheart DarlingSugarplum Princess
Sweetheart LoveSweetheart BaeCandy Heart
HoneycombSweetie DumplingSugarlicious
Sweetheart GoddessCandy HeartbreakerSweetie Lamb
Sugarplum CupcakeCupcake Heaven AngelHoney Bunny

Faithful Female Gamertag Names

The more faith you have in your chosen female gamertag name, the greater your chances at getting a Gamertag that you could be proud of and that’s unique enough to be yours. Faithful names such as Champion, Peace Maker, Warrior, and Defender are the perfect fit for those who find a defense to be their path.

Faithful Girl Victoria’s Warrior GirlPower Girl 
Loyal LadyDevout DefenderFaithful Guardian
True BelieverDedicated DivaSacred Sister
Faithful KnightAngelic DefenderDivine Defender
Faithful FighterPious PrincessSpiritual Soldier
Righteous RangerHoly HeroineFaithful Paladin
Devoted DiscipleFaithful CrusaderHeavenly Hostess
Saintly SirenReverent RebelFaithful Maverick
Pure ProtectorThe Faithful OneVirtuous Valkyrie
Sacred SaviorFaithful SamuraiHeavenly Herald
Devoted DefenderFaithful AngelLoyal Leader
Faithful PhoenixSacred SentinelRighteous Rebel
Faithful AdventurerVirtuous VigilanteDevoted Dragon
Faithful FirestarterHoly HuntressLoyal Lioness
Divine DragonflyFaithful FalconSacred Seraphim
Righteous RunnerFaithful FlameVirtuous Vixen
Devoted DynamoHeavenly HarpistFaithful Fencer
Faithful FurySacred SorceressLoyal Luminary
Righteous RenegadeHoly HuntswomanFaithful Frost
Virtuous VisionaryDevoted DelightHeavenly Hymnist
Faithful FalconessLoyal LiberatorSacred Songstress
Faithful FireflyVirtuous VindicatorDevoted Dreamer
Heavenly HelperFaithful FortuneHoly Healer
Righteous RevenantFaithful FlamebearerDevoted Daredevil
Queen’s Warrior Girl Faithful Defender  Passionate Warrior Girl 
Lady Peace Maker  Empress’s Warrior Girl  NecklaceGirl
Peacemaker Girl  Serpent’s Mistress Girl  Warrior Princess Girl 
Commander’s Peace Maker  Sovereign Queen Girl  Queen of OceansGirl   

Leading Female Gamertag Names

If you’d like to be in charge, then you might want to try a gamertag name such as General or Ruler. For those who are at the top of their game and want everyone to know their significance, these names will let your friends know that you’re the supervisor.

Queenly Female Gamer
Ruler of the UniverseQueen Of CatsYoda
Queen of TanksSpike FemaleVampire Lady
Queen of All Things Bop LiveWarrior Queen Girl 
Chief Leading LadyLioness Woman
BeastessGirlQueen of the Seas Girl Commanding Lady
Skylar’s Mistress GirlWarrior Goddess Girl  Colonel Girl  
Supreme EmpressLady of LegendsMaster Jedi
Queen of ConquestSharp ShooteressCountess of Carnage
Sovereign of StrategyQueen of QuarantineKiller Queen
Alpha AmazonLady of the LabGalactic Guardian
Reigning RoyalLady of LethalityChampion of Chaos
Princess of PerilTitaness of TanksGoddess of the Gun
Mistress of MayhemQueen of the CastleGuardian of the Galaxy
Ruling RenegadeLady of Lightning StrikesBattle Babe
Queen of QuizzesDreadful DuchessBaroness of Brutality
Monarch of MayhemLady of the Last StandGrand Gaming Guru
Queen of the QuestsFierce FighteressEmpress of Endurance
Lady of the LocksDominant DivaRoyal Regulator
Queen of the Quick ScopeAmazonian AssassinLady of Luminosity
Chief ConquerorQueen of the Quarantine ZoneHighness of Headshots
Empress of E-SportsLady of the LeapGoddess of the Gridiron
Regal RingleaderQueen of the Quick ReactionDaring Damsel
Lady of LeadershipImperial InnovatorQueen of the Quarantined Realm
Steel StrategistValkyrie of ValorLady of the Lineup
Reigning RockstarQueen of the Quick DrawRoyal Racer
Benevolent Boss LadyLady of LorePrincess of Precision
Fearless FighterQueen of QuarantinisLady of the Last Laugh
Masterful MaverickEmpress of ExcellenceRoyal Ringleader
Queen of QuirksLady of the LockdownUltimate Undefeated

Curious Female Gamertag Names

For those who are curious about the world around them, there’s a gamertag name for them. Names such as Explorer, Scientist, and Explorer give you the chance to name yourself after a profession that you find interesting or enjoyable. Or if you’d like to be a student or follower of something new and unusual, then choose one of these female gamertag names.

Insignia GamerSupergirl Ace Reporter
Attire OnSuit Me UpPetite Analyst  
Scientist GirlNail Polish GamerGirl  Curious Gamer Girl
Inspector GirlAce ReporterGirl Researcher Girl  
Space Explorer Girl Hedgehog’s PupilGirlPlanet ExplorerGirl 
The Curious CatMystery MavenEnigma Explorer
Sleuth SisterCuriosity QueenThe Inquisitive Iggy
Wondering WillowPuzzling PearlThe Clever Cog
The InvestigatorThe QuestionerSeeker of Secrets
Curious CruiserMystery MistressThe Interrogator
The EnquirerThe Puzzle PondererThe Quiz Queen
The Curiosity CrusaderClue CollectorWonder Woman
Brainy BabeSleuthing SavannahThe Detective Diva
The Curious ConnoisseurThe Inquisitive IvyThe Wondering Woman
Puzzle PrincessThe Questioning QuinThe Curious Collector
The Mysterious MavenThe Investigative ImpThe Enigmatic Ella
The QuizzerThe Curiosity CultivatorSecret Seeker
The Wonder WarriorThe Brainy BelleThe Sleuthy Scarlett
The Detective DameThe Curious CollectorThe Inquiring Ida
The Wondering WonderThe Puzzle ProdigyThe Question Queen
The Curious CrusaderClue CatcherThe Wonder Womanizer
The Brainy BombshellSleuthy SarahThe Detective Damsel
The Curious ConnoisseurThe Inquisitive IrisThe Wondering Wonder Woman
The Puzzle QueenThe Questioning QueenieThe Curiosity Cultivator
Secret SleuthThe Wonder Warrior PrincessThe Brainy Beauty
Sleuthing SelenaThe Detective DameThe Curious Collector
The Inquiring IsabellaThe Wondering WarriorThe Puzzle Powerhouse
The Questioning QuiverThe Curious CrusadeThe Wonder Womanizer

Queenly Female Gamertag Names

These names have been given to females who are royal in their own way. If you love being a queen, then these names will give you the opportunity to be one for your Xbox Live experience. Female gamertag names like Goddess of Light and Gaia should do the trick.

Queenly Female Gamer

Queen of Heaven Queenie GirlRuler of the Universe Girl 
Goddess of Light  Princess LatifaDuchess of the Universe
Queen of GaiaRoyalty Girl  Moonlit Lady
Oracle GirlQueen of the MoonChampion Queen Girl  
Ruler of the Universe Queen of All Things Dark Angel Queen
Regal RulerSovereign QueenMajestic Monarch
Royal EmpressQueen BeeHighness Heiress
Lady of the LandCrowned PrincessReigning Rose
Imperial MistressMonarchy MavenQueenly Quill
Royal RadianceHigh QueenThe Royal One
Supreme SovereignPrincess of PowerQueen of the Cosmos
The EmpressThe Crowned JewelLady of Royalty
Queen of HeartsMajestic MistressRoyal Rebel
Queen of the WorldImperial IconMonarchy Maiden
Queenly QuestRoyal ReignHigh Lady
The Royal RegentSupreme SultanaPrincess of Paradise
Queen of the NightThe Empress of ExcellenceThe Crowned Duchess
Lady of NobilityQueen of DestinyMajestic Maven
Royal RevolutionQueen of the StarsImperial Infusion
Monarchy MatronQueenly CourageRoyal Royalty
High HeirThe Royal RebelSupreme Seraph
Princess of ProwessQueen of the DawnThe Empress of Elegance
The Crowned LadyLady of SovereigntyQueen of Legends
Majestic MasterpieceMajestic MasterpieceRoyal Resilience
Queen of the UniverseImperial InceptionMonarchy Maidenhood
Queenly QuesterRoyal RevelationHigh Highness
The Royal RenegadeSupreme SupremePrincess of Prodigy
Queen of the SunThe Empress of EuphoriaThe Crowned Queen


There are many popular gamertag names that are available for females, and you can find many of the above. You may have already used some of the names or choose a different one in order to make your Xbox Live experience that much more fun and engaging. It’s up to you to decide what kind of female gamertag name will give you the experience you want and will be unique enough for you to use. Check out your options and select one! Good luck