For those who are passionate about eSports, team names can be the most exciting part of a game. There’s just something about how memorable a unique team name is. It’s really exciting to see a brand-new name do well and when your favorite team has an amazing moniker to go with it, there’s nothing like it.

It also doesn’t hurt that these names often reference pop-culture topics and people, are very on-point for the game in question or even include an interesting twist on the acronym that’s currently trending.

If you’re tired of seeing the same old, boring teams and want to add some new flare to your eSport experience, here are just a few of the best in recent memory.

Sassy E-Sports Team Name

What would you think of a team called Sassy? Not only does this moniker hit on all of the key points to help a team succeed, but it’s incredibly catchy and fun to say. This also wasn’t a name that was created just for one game. It was actually made up by an eSports house called Team Dignitas, who even used the “sassy” tagline at the beginning of their marketing campaign which led them to becoming a top contender in both League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Sassy E Sports Team

Read some of my suggestions right here:

NebulaNoxus (KOIS)
FormlessTeam Pain (PAIN)
Greece: OlusionLeague Of Legends 
Titan Of War Newell’s Old Boys 
Titans of JusticeBlaze Outta Nowhere (BON)
Speed BreakersNova
Psycho Pass – After DarkX Marks The Spot 
Cloud 9 Where is the Beauty
Wizard of ozThe Young Bucks 
Lex LuthorIf You Know What I Mean 
Green Lantern CorpsTrust No One 
The Wicked Witch of the WestEyes for an Eye 
Dark Horse Beauty and the Beast
DarknessYou Are Beautiful 
Vicious VipersProvocative Phantoms
Savage SquadRebellious Ravens
Fierce FlamesBrazen Bombers
Daring DivasBrazen Bombshells
Rebel RivalsSassy Saboteurs
Feisty FurySpicy Spartans
Bold BlitzFlamboyant Falcons
Brazen BulldogsRogue Renegades
Audacious AssassinsFearless Foxes
Swaggering ShadowsSizzling Storm
Wicked WarriorsDaring Dames
Defiant DominatorsBold Bandits
Unapologetic UnicornsBrash Banshees
Swaggering ShadowsAudacious Amazons
Daring DaredevilsRiotous Rogues
Brazen BlitzkriegVicious Valkyries
Flaming FuriesBrazen Brawlers
Sultry SlayersFearless Fireflies
Snarky SnipersSpunky Spectres
Witty WarlordsBrazen Banshees
Fierce FlamesSultry Serpents
Defiant DivasBrazen Battlers
Sassy StormProvocative Predators
Savage SirensFierce Fireflies
Cheeky ChampionsRiotous Ravens
Daring DemonsBrazen Barbarians
Witty WarriorsDefiant Divas
Snarky SnipersWicked Warriors
Brazen BombshellsFlaming Falcons
Bold BanditsDaring Daredevils
Rebellious RoguesBrazen Brawlers
Provocative PhantomsVicious Vixens
Sassy StormchasersFearless Firestarters
Spunky ShadowsAudacious Angels
Cheeky ChallengersSultry Spartans
Fierce FlamesSultry Spectres

Famous Esports team name

What’s better than a team name that references pop culture? One that’s inspired by one of the most popular social media sites in the world. This team moniker is actually an excellent way to gain attention and fans, due to its use of an already popular brand.

This particular eSports team is called Team N0thingG and derives its name from a common response on the site, which often means “nothing going on.”

Some more pop-culture reference names are:

The ExpendablesLord of the Rings 
Heist The Matrix 
Star Wars lightsaber duels The Big Lebowski
Terminator Forrest Gump
Lucky Old GuysAxe Murderers
Easy MoneyOld School
Odd SquadDem Chickens 
Easy KillersGrumpy Old Men
Deadly DevilsGentlemen
Harry Potter magicOscar Wilde
X-MenMasters of the Universe
Star Trek charactersLocked and Loaded
Disraeli GearsDragons 
The Hobbit Dawn of the Dead 
Step Brothers The Big Lebowski 
Full Metal JacketThe Shining 
No Country for Old Men American Pie 
Dark MatterNexus Gaming
Nova eSportsAvalanche eSports
Vortex GamingVelocity Vanguard
Storm BreakersReign of Fury
Immortal LegendsInvictus Gaming
Astral AssassinsChaos Theory
Titans of GamingElite Empire
Renegade RebelsDragon Force
Thunder WolvesEnigma Esports
Infinity eSportsEclipse Gaming
Phoenix RisingNexus Nation
Team ChaosValor Kings
Shadow ClanApex Legends
Alpha StrikeVanguard Gaming
Iron FistSupreme Squad
Dynasty GamingOblivion Gaming
Mystic MayhemInferno eSports
ShadowstrikeDivine eSports
Eternity EsportsLegend Killers
ThunderstrikeAlpha Omega
Raging RavensSerenity Gaming
Vanguard VipersTeam Chaos
Xcelerate GamingDominators
DominatorsChaos Legion
Alpha AssassinsNova Nighthawks
Nexus KnightsNexus Knights
Nexus KnightsZero Gravity
Renegade RangersPhoenix Force
Phoenix ForcePhoenix Force
xIron Wolves
Frostbite Gaming
ThunderstormVisionary Vortex
Titans of ValorxxxRebellion Gaming
Sassy E Sports Team

Cool and best E sports team name ideas

Part of what makes a great team name is often finding a way to incorporate some sort of pop-culture reference into it. It doesn’t necessarily have to be actual characters like Harry Potter, Star Wars, or even League of Legends, but instead, just something that will make the audience go “hmm.”

If you’re able to create a team with an awesome nickname and aren’t afraid to use an interesting abbreviation, this is always going to garner more attention for your page. It’s also another way for you to differentiate yourself from your competitors since not many teams out there are using these abbreviations.

Some of the suggestions are:

Master of PainsThe Last Samurai 
Battalion of Saints Guitar Heaven 
Gladiators of Rome The Fifth Element 
The A-Team The Jetsons 
Stonewall Full Metal Jacket 
Lethal Weapon II Team Fortress 2 
Scooter MouseGhetto Boys 
The Sons of PainGunners A&F 
The Amblers Darkest Minds 
The Sinners  The Wicked Ones 
TornadoesDeadly Sins 
Tainted ImmortalsNo Limits 
Disciplined MenHeavy Metal Kings 
Rebel-UsThe Unbeatables 
Born from the ashesBalls to the Wall 
Vortex GamingThunder Strike
Savage SyndicateInferno Squad
Blitzkrieg BattalionPhoenix Rising
Nemesis EliteApex Warriors
Zenith GuardiansValiant Vipers
Eclipse eSportsDominion Dynasty
Radiant ReapersTitan Terrors
Supernova SquadImmortal Legends
Quantum QuakeHavoc Heroes
Chaos ChasersOmega Outlaws
Spectral ShiftersOblivion Outlaws
Renegade RiotTitan Tribe
Venomous VanguardCelestial Champions
Rampage RegimentChaos Conquerors
Stealth StrikersShadow Stalkers
Phoenix ForceViper Victors
Elysium EsportsApex Assassins
Infinity InvictusInfernal Insurgents
Pyroclasmic PhoenixExcalibur eSports
Neon NightmarexOmega Oracles
Neon NightmareDominus Domination
Velocity VortexElectric Empire
Pyre PredatorsOmega Overwatch
Astral AcesCyber Surge
Nova KnightsQuantum Quasar
Inferno ImpactRadiant Rebellion
Venomous VortexThunder Thrashers
Zenith ZephyrsNova Navigators
Dominance DominionMidnight Mercenaries
Valor VanguardStorm Strikers
Quantum QuellNemesis Navigators
Zenith ZephyrsPinnacle Predators
Phoenix PhenomenonHavoc Horde
Eclipse EnforcersSavage Sentinels
Apex AcesBlitzkrieg Blitz
Sassy E Sports Team

A Complete Breakdown of Esports team Names

This is a really unique and creative team name that has a lot of great qualities to it. Not only does it have a catchy title, but this name also has a lot of room for expansion and customization. If you’re struggling for fresh ideas on how to flesh out your Esports page or just want people to talk about you for the right reasons, this may be the perfect brand for you.

As long as you have some sort of content or entertainment website, this moniker can really do well to make an immediate impact on your industry.                   

For those of you who are struggling to come up with the best possible name for your team, this article may be able to help you out. Many times, team names tend to either be too popular or too general because they’re very short and descriptive. However, there are many other teams that are extremely creative but may not be currently active and aren’t very recognizable. If you get a good one right now, it can really make a big difference on how successful your social media marketing strategies become.