Many people who smoke marijuana have different nicknames they like to go by. For example, some people might call themself “MJ” or “Haze”. Others might use the name of their favorite song, movie, or tv show. There are so many weed nicknames that it is almost impossible to keep track of them all. Marijuana obviously has a history for decades now as well and some nicknames may have originated from these things.

“Weed” or “Mary Jane” is probably the most common name for marijuana and is used by many people around the world. The reason for this is that Louis Armstrong would often call it that in his famous song called “Muggles”. However, it was not until the 60’s that this name became popular as well with jazz musicians referring to marijuana as such.

“The Bridge” is another slang term for marijuana. Many people have heard of this nickname and believe it to be a nickname for “Kush”. However, it is actually a nickname for “Super Skunk”. This has been used as an outsider’s nickname for weed because it has been used by musicians and other people who consume such plants.

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Interesting Nicknames Of Weed
Street Nicknames Of Weed
Nicknames For Hydroponic Weed
Cultural Nicknames Of Weed
Synonyms Of Weed
Effect And Uses Of Weed

Interesting Nicknames Of Weed

Nicknames for weed can be considered as interesting and funny. Here are some interesting nicknames of weed. First of all, weed is also known as Mary Jane. Mary Jane was the name of Steve Martin’s lady friend in the 1970s film The Jerk. Steve Martin said that he would refer to marijuana as “Mary Jane” because it made him “feel more like a regular guy.” Since then, the term has been used by many folks to refer to marijuana.

JointsPot BrowniesCharas
KushMary JanePot
Buds or HashishCannabis PlantStrawberry Weed
Chronic MarijuanaRollBuds or Hashish
Being HighOn SkyFly
TokeHashishCannabis Barley Weed
Adorable Weed

Street Nicknames Of Weed

Nicknames for weed can also be considered urban slang for marijuana. Here are some street nicknames for weed:-
There is a famous saying “All things in moderation” and in the same way, all nicknames regarding weed are considered recreational drugs.

Aunt MaryBernieBhang
Devil’s LettuceGiggle SmokeHay
Hot StickJayJoy Smoke
Joy StickJuanitaNug
Adorable Weed

Nicknames For Hydroponic Weed

Nicknames for hydroponic marijuana can be considered as synonyms for “weed”. Marijuana has an interesting history for decades now, which has given it a lot of meanings. Interestingly, the meaning of this word is not the same from one country to another. Here are some nicknames for hydroponic marijuana:-

Hydroponic MarijuanaGrow GrowersMini Weed
Mini Weed GrowersSeedlingsCuttings
CrushingAnimal CookiesChicago
Girl Scout CookiesMochiPlatinum Cookies
White RabbitHustlerBadder
DabsEar WaxErrl

Cultural Nicknames Of Weed

Nicknames for weed can also be considered as cultural nicknames. Here are some cultural nicknames for weed. Beanpole

Adorable Weed
Bliss OutBlueberry PieBogie Bags
Cherry PieChronic HighsDabber Fingers
Dabs and BalloonsAfrican hashAfrican Pot
AfroweedAotearoa HashishBhangi
Bhangra WeedBlunt Leaf CannabisZootedollars Weed
Zooteedom hitZootedomics WeedLSD
Dopedom PlantDope PlantDopecos Plant
Granddaddy’s Hash PlantGranddad’s Hash PlantGrown Cannabis Grass Flower Seed
Grower’s SeedsBluntCocaine
CherryDope CookiesPotato Chips

Synonyms Of Weed

Synonyms for weed can refer to any kind of vegetative product. However, they mostly refer to the dried leaves, flowers and stems of the female cannabis plant. Here are some synonyms for weed:-
For a long time now, California has been famous for producing some of the best marijuana in the world. At one time, it was even considered as its own state of mind since many people have a different attitude when they consume it. Also known as “Happy High”, California is well known for its mellow or relaxing high.

Adorable Weed
AgaveCactusDome Cake
Honey-PotJamilaJamaica Honeysuckle Weed
Kushy Kush PlantAloha Weed PlantBlack Borneo Hashish Plant
Grams SeedHazeKush Seeds
Black BorneoHashish SeedsNip’s Seeds
Black BorneoHashish Yields Blunts Cannabis Seeds
Blue Dream Cannabis SeedsNew Zealand Pot SeedsAtom Bomb
Big BudCliffCannabis Sativa

Effects And Uses Of Weed:-

Effect And Uses Of Weed can be referred to as any kind of drug or medication. The Effect and uses of weed can be considered both recreational and medicinal. Here are some effects and uses of weed:-
Cannabis is considered one of the most widely consumed drugs in the world. It has an interesting history, which has given it a lot of meanings. Interestingly, the meaning of this word is not the same from one country to another. It is even considered one of the oldest drugs in the world, which has been consumed by many people for decades now.

This is an interesting article on nicknames for marijuana and its use around the world. The author has provided a good deal of information about what weed actually is, its history, and its medicinal uses along with recreational uses. This article will help you get acquainted with some of the slang names people have given to marijuana around the world.


Conclusion of this article is that in the modern world, marijuana is considered as one of the most popular and widely used drugs. It has been around for decades now, and people have consumed it not only by smoking it but also by consuming its leaves, flowers, and stems. Additionally to that, it can be considered a cultural drug as some people consider it as an entire state of mind or a place where they feel happy.

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