If you’ve ever wanted to tell your story, but have been too afraid of the consequences, there’s a space for that. This article is about private story names.

Here are some reasons you might want to have a private story name:

  • You’re not ready to share your identity with the world just yet.
  • You don’t want certain family members or people from your past to see it and be in contact with them again.
  • Your story contains sensitive information about others, like revenge porn or revealing the real names of other people someone else has harmed.

Why We Use The Private Story Name?

To allow for complete privacy and security, we provide private story names as a form of identification.

The private story name is different from the username; it is not your name. It’s a word or phrase that you pick that helps you identify yourself in your stories.

When creating your private story name, think about how others might identify you.

What’s Interesting About The Private Story Names?

You can use your private story name to make your stories visible to strangers and friends alike. Your private story name will be visible on all of your stories, whether they’re shared or not.

When you create a new Story, we’ll ask you to pick a public or private story name. Whatever you choose, if you decide later that you want the visibility changed, just go into the Story and change the visibility from either public to private or vice versa.

How To Make Your Private Story Name Public?

If you share a story but hide your identity by using a private story name, anyone who sees it will be unable to follow the link back to your profile.

Hiding your identity or not, you are always in control over who can see your stories. If you share a story with a private story name and later decide that you’d like to make it public, all you have to do is change the visibility of the story back to the public.

After that, anyone who saw the original story will be able to find it on your profile by searching for it or by looking at any of your other stories.

When You Publish A Private Story Name, It Will Be Visible To Strangers And People You Know?
If you share a Story with a private story name and turn off the visibility for it later, strangers won’t be able to find it on your profile.

What Are The Types Of The Private Story Names?

There are two types of private story names:

  • A simple name: like anonymous, or secret – A custom name.

A simple name is a word or phrase that you pick. It’s just something for you to remember and use in your stories. It isn’t necessarily unique; it’s something common that everyone can recognize.

The custom names are unique to you and only accessible on your private story names page, where they’re shown when viewing your story collections. You can also change them if you’d like by clicking on ‘ edit profile settings’.
Example: if I use my private story name ‘Tara’, my custom stories will be published under the filename [name here] Tara’s Private Stories.

Some Examples Of Private Story Names?

A simple story name might be:

  • The author – The country where the story happens – A theme for the collection (like ‘winter’ or ‘nurses’) – The name of someone who plays a major part in it (ex: ‘Ethan’ or ‘Lily’) – A word that answers a question in it (‘why’, ‘how’, etc.)
    Example: A story about me and my brother, Jack, when we were younger. I would use my private story name “Big Sister Jack”.
    But in your friends’ stories, they can see that you have a private story name.

You can’t see the names of your friends’ stories?

This is because your friends have also made their private story names hidden so that you can’t tell who’s sharing their stories with whom.
Any names that are not shared by both parties will be shown as ‘private story names’.

All Fax No Output.Snap It, Mean It.Hustle the Whistle.Tensed But Dressed.
Secret HustlerShow YourselfBalba-SaurPika Saur
Night KingThe HunterGo Below The BlowThere Is No Output Without The Input
Making A Smile69 ShadesJust Do ItX0X0 Girls
Beep BeepShadows of SecretsVeiled NarrativesI Don’t Trust Anybody.
Hi Guys, Welcome Back to My Era.Silent StoriesThe Hidden ChroniclesEnigma Unveiled
Two Can Keep a Secret if One of Them Is Dead.Unseen TalesCamouflaged NarrationsMysterious Memoirs
Whispered WhodunitsCryptic ChroniclesObscured SagasStealthy Chronicles
Concealed ChroniclesDisguised DiariesStealth StoriesUnseen Enigmas
Veiled VignettesCovert ChroniclesShrouded NarrativesConcealed Confessions
Unspoken AccountsThe Secret ScrollShadowed SagasVeiled Whispers
Behind Closed CurtainsThe Unnoticed MemoirCryptic ChroniclesObscured Testimonies
Confidential ChroniclesEnshrouded EscapadesSilent AnecdotesHidden Histories
Surreptitious SagasCloaked NarrationsThe Invisible ManuscriptCovert Testimonies
Enigmatic JournalsThe Masked MemoirUnseen EpicsWhispered Chronicles
Whispers in the DarkShadows of the UnseenThe Stealthy ScrollVeiled Testimonies
The Disguised DiarySubtle ChroniclesSecretive SagasThe Unseen Almanac
Concealed AdventuresSilent EnigmasGhostly WhispersVeiled Recollections
Concealed ChroniclesObscured TestimoniesInaudible TalesThe Hidden Narrative
The Masked ChroniclesEnigmatic DiariesClandestine AccountsUnnoticed Sagas
Shrouded WhispersThe Secret ManuscriptCovert NarrativesHushed Chronicles
Shadowed MemoirsUnspoken LegendsWhispered AnecdotesThe Veiled Journal
Mysterious JournalsConcealed ExperiencesVeiled VignettesUnheard Stories
Cloaked TestimoniesUnseen LegendsThe Secretive ScrollWhispered Tales
Silent ChroniclesSubmerged NarrativesThe Enshrouded Journal

The Private Story Names For Girls:-

“The daily grind”“Laugh it off”“Up all night”“No filters needed”
Embarrassing momentsCrazy adventuresFunny momentsA day in the life
”Loving life””Ready for my close up”“#nomakeup”“#nofilter”
”I’m not a morning person”“#blessed”“Oh snap!”Whispers of Wonder
“Just woke up like this”Serene SecretsEnchanted EscapadesDreamer’s Delight
“Can’t stop, won’t stop”Sparkling ChroniclesTwilight TalesBlissful Whispers
“Snapchatting my life away”Radiant RevelationsHidden TreasuresCaptivating Journeys
“Crazy hair, don’t care”Wandering DreamsMystical MusingsSecret Serenades
Serendipity StoriesEnchanted ReflectionsTranquil EscapesLuminous Laughter
Serene SolitudesHeavenly HideawayEuphoric EncountersWhimsical Whispers
Ethereal EleganceMystical MomentsEnchanted EnigmasHidden Harmonies
Blissful WondersMystical MeadowsEnchanted EuphoriaEthereal Enchantments
Serendipitous SoireesWhispering WhimsiesTranquil TapestriesMelodious Musings
Radiant RiddlesSecluded SerenityCaptivating CarouselsTranquil Tidings
Illuminated ImaginationsMelodic MemoriesWhirlwind AdventuresHarmonious Hideout
Twilight TreasuresSparkling SerenitySparkling SolaceWhimsical Whispers
Twilight TranquilityCaptivating CrescendoHidden HavenTranquil Temples
Melodic MementosRadiant ReflectionsSerene SymphonyWhispering Whispers
Enchanted EmbraceSecluded SerenadesDreamy DestinationsMystical Melodies
Enchanted EndeavorsTranquil TranquilitySerendipitous SecretsWhimsical Wanderlust
Serendipitous SurprisesDreamy DesiresSerene SonatasMelodic Musings
Serendipitous SplendorWhimsical WondermentSparkling SerenityTwilight Trances
Captivating CadenceHidden HarmonyTranquil TalespinMelodic Meditations
Serene SonnetsRadiant ReverieTranquil TonesDreamy Discoveries
Mystical MomentsWhispering WhimsiesEthereal EnigmasEnchanted Expressions

The Sad Private Story Names For Boys

Embarrassing momentsMy LoveStory of loveMiddle school
She completes mea toucha wordA stare
I need to knowI Love her laughI love her smileLonely
Her eyes tell me everythingWeird and then someKinda creepyMysterious
And that’s just the beginning!AloneLost in SolitudeEnigmatic Shadows
Desolate HeartbeatCreeping ShadowsMysterious EchoesLonesome Memories
Lost in His EyesEnchanted MemoriesSilent YearningEchoes of Laughter
The Smile I CherishedFragments of LoveTainted AffectionWhispers of Longing
Shattered InnocenceTrapped in TimeMelancholic MelodiesForgotten Hallways
Eerie WhispersHaunting IsolationA Whirlwind RomanceShattered Promises
Melancholy Love StoryWhispers of DevotionAching HeartstringsMy Fading Love
The Secret AdmirerLost in the CrowdAching SilenceFaded Affection
The Touch I MissWords Left UnspokenThe Haunting GazeBittersweet Memories
Fragments of HappinessTorn ApartThe Lost ConnectionCaptivating Moments
Unrequited LoveLonely HallwaysThe Broken PromiseWhispered Longings
Unveiling the MysterySilent YearningsTangled EmotionsThe Lonely Stare
Silent Whispers of LoveWhispered SecretsThe Enigmatic SmileA Tale of Lost Love
The Lonely NotebookHidden EmotionsThe Painful JourneyThe Forgotten Years
Nostalgic ReminiscenceA Story UntoldMemories of InnocenceTrapped in Memories
Echoes of Middle SchoolSolitary FootstepsMysterious EncountersThe Fading Laughter
The Lost FriendshipWhispers in the HallsThe Lonely SerenadeA Tale of Longing
Trapped in NostalgiaThe Hidden ConnectionSilent Tears of LoveThe Empty Classroom
Unspoken AffectionAching DesiresThe Lost LetterThe Melancholic Year
Echoes of a Broken HeartA Glimpse of LoveMysterious WhispersThe Haunted Playground
Enshrouded in ShadowsVeiled LongingSilent SerenadesSilent Desperation

The Sad Private Story Names For Girls:-

DepressedLife sucksCrying NowCan’t Kill Me
About MeAbout YouI love you, But I hateI’m good,
It’s Time for Me to Die…I was a little kid again,I WishI’m sorry.
Every day with No One by My Side.It’s different every day.Kiss meGot A Lot To Say.
I Hate Being AloneI hate being loved.Got Too Much To Say.I Hate My Life
Love is raining on me, but I don’t want it.It’s not real, I don’t need it.No MoreNo Need
Love is stupid, I don’t want it.LovingBroken ReflectionsWhispers of Sorrow
Forsaken LoveFading HopeTangled EmotionsShattered Dreams
Embracing SolitudeTear-Stained PagesDesperate WhispersThe Forgotten Love
Shattered InnocenceMelancholic WhispersUnveiled DesolationThe Masked Smile
Aching HeartstringsTrapped in LonelinessEmbracing DarknessSilent Tears
Fragments of HappinessLost in DespairFading LightThe Loneliness Within
Fragments of MyselfForsaken DreamsEchoes of PainLost in the Shadows
Veiled LonelinessSilent HeartacheFragments of JoyThe Enigmatic Void
Drifting in DarknessTangled MemoriesThe Silent JourneyVanishing Smiles
Unspoken AgonyThe Haunting DespairShattered IllusionsThe Broken Reflection
Whispers of DesperationSilent StormsShattered RealitiesEchoes of Longing
Unraveling DesperationThe Fading SparkWandering AloneThe Aching Void
Whispered GriefMuted DesiresThe Lost ConnectionAching Silence
Fragments of DreamsDesolate WhispersVeiled DesperationSilent Sorrows
The Forgotten PuzzleEchoes of BetrayalShattered HopesEmbracing Desolation
Trapped in the DarknessWhispers of RegretThe Broken PromiseVeiled Longings
Torn PiecesSilent StormFading Echoes of LoveThe Enigmatic Journey
Forsaken HeartEchoes of DesolationThe Lonely PuzzleThe Lost Melody
Haunted WhispersThe Silent ObserverThe Lonely CanvasFragments of My Heart

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