A Wizard Name is a story about a young wizard who stumbles into a forest filled with colorful, talking animals. The animals beg him to tell them his name, which he does reluctantly. Soon afterward, the wizard is whisked away to explore the world and learn new things, but the animals will not rest until they have learned what his name is- and that tenacity pulls at your heartstrings as you read their tale. This story unfolds in an animated book with gorgeously detailed illustrations that leave you in awe of its beauty as you read it.

Wizards are demigods who are gifted in magic- wizards can cast spells and create objects out of thin air with their powers.
But wizards also have swords, horses, and other equipment that they can use in battle. Wizards are an extremely rare and celebrated type of magic user in many lands.

Sometimes people ask a wizard for their help, mostly because they person is sick and wants to be healed. Even though wizards can do many things that don’t seem magical at all, they usually choose not to help due to their pride or because it didn’t fit with their personal beliefs.

A Witchy Names For Girls;

A young wizard stumbles into a forest and meadows of colorful animals. The animals beg him to tell them his name, which she does reluctantly. Soon afterward, the wizard is whisked away by an unexpected adventure where she explores with her new friends on their journey and discovers magical new places along the way.
Agnes: Holy
Alice: Noble
Alison: Alice
Angela: Angel.
Bessie: God
Evanora: Life
Glinda: Fair or Good
Gwen: Herbalist
Jadis: Gorgeous little girl
Joan: Linked to Joan Peterson, that was a healer of the middle era
Laurie: Laurel
Leanne: Dweller by the wood
Lacosta: Literary name refers to the north’s good witch In The “Wizard Of Oz
Maleficent: Prone to evil
Margaret: Pearl
Margery: Pearl
Mary: Bitterness
Madea: Middle
Minerva: Medium of the mind
Moll: Bitter
Morgan: Circle or sea
Phoebe: Radiant or shining unique
Rita: Pearl Read

The Demon Names A Wizard For Boys;

The wizard had just recently been promoted to a full-fledged Wizard. He was now able to perform spells and fly on his own, and he lived in the mountains with his parents, who seemed happy enough. But one day when he was hanging out at home with his dad, he heard a voice in the woods whispering things that made him uneasy.

Abaris: philosopher Pythagoras.
Abramelin: “Abraham”, Abramelin
Agrippa: occultist
Alan: Alan is a magician
Albert/Albertus: German philosopher
Albus: chief warlock
Aleister: ceremonial magician
Angel: American illusionist
Anton: ceremonial magician “Anton-La-Vey”.
Arthur: “Dungeons & Dragons”.
Apollo: divination
Carlos: shamanic author
Cyprian: former magician
Dante: Danish magician
Draco: mythical dragon
Edward: fortune teller.
Eliphas: Kabbalah system magician.
Etteilla: unique name
Faust: alchemist
Fenris: great wolf
Franz: Hermetic order magic
Fredo: “elf” or “magical advisor”.
Gandalf: “Lord of the Rings”

Funny Name A Wizard;

Genies are very powerful beings, and wizards are the only kind of humans that can summon genies to make wishes.
Giacomo: Italian magician
Gregor: a magician
Hadrian: ceremonial magician
Ibn Hazeen: “In the name of God”
Hercules/Hercules: Greek Mythology.
Hokmah (Aramaic): wisdom, or thing that is seen in a dream.
Ibn Humbaba: “In the name of God”.
Imhotep: Egyptian priest and magician.
Ishtar (Sumerian): the sorceress Ishtar
Isidore: magician
Jehovah/Yahweh: divine magician
Kaballah/Kabala: sect of Judaism, which is based on magic.
Kali: goddess of destruction
King Solomon: roman magician.
Loki/Lohe: A celtic magician.
Manoah: Hebrew king of the judges
Merlin: French magician and wizard.
Pandora/Panthea: Greek female creator of evil
Ramses/Ramses-khan-kishka: Egyptian pharaohs.

Interesting Name A Wizard;

An interesting wizard name is one that keeps your child interested in reading and learning.
Akshara: goddess of knowledge
Baphomet: Greek gods Zeus
Bilal: “gift from God”.
Brandon: “strong defender”
Caspar: excel at magic
Chad: “river”
Christabel: Virgin Mary.
Crispin: “dwarf’s head”
Cyrus: Great of Persia

Other Names A Wizard;

Wizard names can be fun and unique, but they should also be original.
Dionysus: Greek god of wine and ecstasy

Drake: “dragon hunter”
Fafnir: Nordic dragon.
Felix: Latin for “happy” or “lovely”.
Firenze (Firenze): Florence, Italy.
Francesco: Italian for “Franciscus”, which means “Frank.
Frank: “free, wise and sincere”
Henry: “home ruler”.
Hercules/Hercules: Greek Mythology.
Hermes/Hermias: messenger of the gods Hecate: goddess of magic.
Hermes/Hermias: messenger of the gods Hermes/Hermias: messenger of the gods.
Horus: Egyptian sky god.
Huitzilopochtli: Aztec rain deity.
Iago: a wizard and a villain in Shakespeare’s play.
Ingvar: “God is the honor”.
Jesus/Joshua/Joshua-sun-sin/Josue: “God is salvation.”
Loki/Lohe: A celtic magician.
Merlin: French magician and wizard.
Mithra: Persian god of the sun.
Nazarbek: “blessed by God”.
Nicholas/Nicolas: Greek “victorious people”.
Nofret (Nofret): Egyptian name, which means “contentment”.
Osiris: Egyptian god who was deified in Ancient Greece as “god of the underworld”.
Perseus: Greek hero and wizard.
Pythagoras: philosopher
Sedna: Inuit goddess of the ocean sea.
Siddhartha/Seth-Buddha/Siddharta/Suzana: Buddha.
Shiva: Hindu deity.
Wulfgar (Wulfgar): Norse hero and magician.
Zeus: Greek god. Wizard Names For Girls;
Freaky Wizard
Smile like a wizard
Night with Wizard
Hustle Like Wizard
Free on air
Be wild
Attracting Like Affection
The Wizard Of Reverie
Killing Like Wizard
Master Piece
Be Silent Like a wizard

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