High elves have many skills handed down through the generations. All high-elven children start off with a set of mage armor that encases them in an invisible protective layer of energy.

The armor protects the wearer from a variety of spells and magic. High elves are more potent than other races because they have more magical energy inside them.


1. Cute Names For A High Elf 
2. Male High Elf Names
3. Female High Elf Names
4. Cool Names For High Elves
5. Badass Names For High Elves
6. Evil Names For High Elves
7. Conclusion

1. Cute Names For A High Elf 

High Elves are a type of elf. They reside in the Arcane Tower. High elves are wizards and mages. Purple robes, with their pointy ears, are a common attribute of high elves.

High elf children learn their craft from their parents and other relatives through private lessons and training outside of school hours.

1. Zoey10. Phoenix19. Lauraleigh28. Genevieve
2. Willow11. Penelope20. Kimmy29. Fiona
3. Thalia12. Olivia21. Kelsey30. Esmeralda
4. Tara13. Nixie22. Juliette31. Delilah
5. Seraphina14. Natalie23. Jasmine32. Dawn
6. Savannah15. Mimi24. Hermione33. Daphne
7. Sabrina16. Maxine25. Heloise34. Courtney
8. Rowan17. Maddie26. Harmony35. Claudia
9. Quinn18. Leslie27. Giselle36. Charmaine

2. Male High Elf Names

The elves of high elves tend to be reclusive and complex.

A mighty tree that stores its heritage Demi-Sapien names typically has an “A” sound at the beginning. Some people have two “a”s at the beginning of their names with one letter in between.

1. Vairë10. Orodruin19. Irimo28. Ecthelion
2. Tyelkormo11. Nieliqui20. Findekano29. Earendil
3. Turgon12. Nahar21. Fingolfin30. Damrod
4. Tilion13. Manwe22. Finarfin31. Daeron
5. Thranduil14. Mandos23. Feanor32. Curufin
6. Thingol15. Maeglin24. Fingolfin33. Turgon
7. Rohan16. Maglor25. Finarfin34. Orodreth
8. Ringil17. Lalwende26. Feanor35. Narmacil
9. Rhun18. Irmo27. Elrond36. Lindir

3. Female High Elf Names

High elves are noble and courteous people who value honor and courage. They have a great culture that can be cool or warm depending on the individual.

The names of high elves have to be good, so they have many unique ones. This list of good female names for high elves in the Dungeons & Dragons setting.”

1. Zeolinda​10. Thuralia 19. Shannari 28. Maeranwy
2. Zaeyla 11. Tallula 20. Sevanna 29. Melyssa 
3. Xandria 12. Tallis21. Sarya 30. Lyra
4. Xanandra13. Thalassa22. Riliane 31. Lothriel 
5. Valia 14. Sylviana 23. Perenelle32. Liliana
6. Vaeril 15. Starwynde 24. Orana33. Kyndall 
7. Tyriala 16. Sindriel25. Nyree34. Kylia
8. Tyannarie​17. Silmeriel​26. Nimue35. Keelin 
9. Tiandra 18. Siarraa 27. Marilyn 36. Jalana

4. Cool Names For High Elves

While there’s no strict naming formula, many high elves take their first name from woodland creatures or protectors of the wild.

As with almost anything related to the high elves, most people pronounce these names in English with a French accent. In Faery, High Elves are often given names based on plants and trees.

1. Eregion10. Celeborn19. Arianrhod28. Aria
2. Thranduil11. Orodreth20. Arwen29. Dilra
3. Mirkwood12. Nimrodel21. Akelianna30. Dilyara
4. Rivendell13. Lothlorien22. Ulfenia31. Galiana
5. Imladris14. Lindir23. Alydyr32. Zadea
6. Haldir15. Legolas24. Alyson33. Helena
7. Thranduil16. Idril25. Anaya34. Ilena
8. Gildor17. Glorfindel26. Anastasia35. Lilya
9. Galadriel18. Elrond27. Aryaa36. Lorna

5. Badass Names For High Elves

Many immigrants are alienated from the people in their new country because they speak a language that is unfamiliar.

If elves want to assimilate, they can change their name. Some choose to adopt names from other cultures or from the past in order to fit in.

1. Saeros10. Maedhros19. Hareth28. Estel
2. Pengolodh11. Lindir20. Hardang29. Elros
3. Orophin12. Legolas21. Hallas30. Elrond
4. Nimrodel13. Isildur22. Haldir31. Denethor
5. Nellas14. Loreth23. Gríma32. Curufin
6. Morwë15. Inzil24. Glorfindel33. Cirdan
7. Meneldir16. Imrahil25. Gil-galad34. Celebrimbor
8. Melian17. Helm26. Galadriel35. Celeborn
9. Meleth18. Hathlaf27. Finrod36. Beleg

6. Evil Names For High Elves

High elves are a type of elf, but they are not the same as wood elves or other types of elves. High elves are usually taller than humans, and they live in their own society.

They usually have light-colored hair and skin, but many high elves can also be born with darker skin.

1. Sauron10. Gunnvor19. Amaranth28. Hades
2. Medusa11. Garrick20. Mother Gothel29. Belial
3. Mirielle12. Fandral21. Lady Tremaine30. Baal
4. Mac Tir13. Elthinor22. Shan Yu31. Asmodeus
5. Lovisa14. Edana23. Cruella32. Mephistopheles
6. Lethni15. Dagda24. Ursula33. Lucifer
7. Kromveli16. Cailin25. Chernabog34. Beelzebub
8. Keldorn17. Brynjolf26. Jafar35. Satan
9. Ilsa18. Athroxis27. Scar36. Azrael


Elf names are one of those things that, in reality, most people will never have to think about because the odds that they’ll encounter an elf are slim to none.

There are many legends about elves, but the only thing that is certain is that these stories never mention high elves.

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